Time for a mid-year check on my New Year’s Resolutions.  I never actually posted my resolutions for 2017, but I had them jotted down on a scrap of paper and stuffed into a desk drawer.  I came upon them this week and was pleasantly surprised that I’m on track with several of them.

  • Become AdWords certified —  90% done — I am just a few weeks away from completing an Inbound Marketing course which is preparing me for the certification tests for AdWords search and display, shopping and mobile.
  • Complete 200 hour yoga teacher training and become certified — Done!
  • Blog regularly — I just started blogging again and plan on continuing with both this blog and another one I write which is about communications, advertising and media
  • Save money — This resolution is on hold until I get a new job.  Now I am simply trying not to spend money!
  • Apply to TSA Precheck  — Done.  It is easy and a HUGE time and stress saver.  I highly recommend it.

This lead me to my Second Half of 2017 Resolutions —

  • Get a job where I can use my talents and experience to help others
  • Now that I have my yoga teacher certification, I need to start teaching; and so  I’m set a resolution to teach a yoga class. Breaking this into steps to achieve this resolution:
    • Plan out a handful of strong classes
    • Practice regularly
  • Send a letter or card once a week. (This is an old resolution but its worth repeating)
  • Go to the gym 1-2 times a week
  • Visit my (grown) kids (who live far away) every 6 weeks.


2015 New Year’s Resolutions

As I am bordering on compulsive when it comes to list making, I thought I’d mix things up a bit this year and NOT make a long list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead, I am going to make one overarching Resolution this year.  This one came from my daughter who suggested that I learn to play what she has called, The Suggestion Game.  Simply put, rather than keep making the same suggestions over and over to people, make it once.  That’s it.  As long as the persons isn’t deaf, they have heard the suggestion and can either take it or not, as the choose.  They can also ask for clarification if they need it and so there is no need for me assume they don’t understand and repeat the suggestion in different ways.  This is going to be a tough one for me!

Additionally I will make two resolutions each month focused on habits, one good and one bad.  They say that it takes 21 days (3 weeks) to form or break habit.  Let’s see if I can form one good habit and break one bad habit each month.

Here goes…


Positive Habit to Grow:


Drink at least five, 12 ounce glasses of water each day.




Negative Habit to discourage:

When something needs to be done, do it…don’t procrastinate.

As a matter of fact, that might be a good theme for the year, Do It Now!






Mid-Year Resolution Update

Happy 4th of July!!  It is a rainy day (thanks to Hurricane Arthur headed up the coast) and halfway through the year so I figured it was a good time to check in on my progress on my 2014 goals and maybe even set some new ones for the second half of the year.

One of my goals for the year has been to update my website,  While I haven’t done this yet, I am making progress.  I have set up an appointment with a photographer to take new photos, and I going to set a definitive resolution for July to:

  • Go through the copy and rewrite sections of the site that need updating
  • Update the photos on the site (once I get the new ones taken)
  • Have the site made mobile-friendly (or set up a mobile site)
  • And post much more frequently on my media blog


A related (and unfinished) goal was to learn HTML, CSS and perhaps even learn how to build a website.  I would really like to achieve this one.

  • If I don’t get to the online tutorials this summer I should look into will sign up for an actual class.


Shakira in her life jacket!

Shakira in her life jacket!

A big goal for this year has been to train my puppy!  We are almost there.

Actually if I wrote this last week I would have said she is all trained, but then she went in the house.  BUT she seemed remorseful afterwards so I think she now realizes that she isn’t supposed to go in the house — that is progress!


Paint my downstairs bathroom, and paint my basement steps — DONE and DONE!  And it looks great!

Oh and here is a resolution that I love completing, to get together with  at least 2 friends each month.  I’m met or exceeded this goal every month.  In the past 2 months I’ve had dinner with Jen (twice), Trudy, Barbara, Deb and her friend Julie.

Another fun resolution has been to write 52 letters in 52 weeks.  I haven’t necessarily written a letter each week, but I’ve certainly sent 26 over the past 6 months.  This year, I’ve saved all the Christmas cards I received and put them in a big envelope.  Then when I sit down to write a letter I pull out a card and write to that person.  Recently I’ve written to Ellen, Carolyn, Shirley, Kelsey, Taylor, Diane and graduation cards to Michael and Kaleigh.

  • For the rest of the year, I’m going to get back on track and write a letter each week, starting today!

Market Square 10k

My exercise goals are going great.  I’ve been running a lot and running in a lot of races and getting faster.  I’ve even met my goal of breaking an 8 minute mile for a 5K!

I’ve also been going to yoga fairly regularly.  I haven’t been to the gym in quite a while though…  A goal for 2014 that I will achieve in the fall is to

          • Run the Seacoast Half Marathon

I resolved to see all the movies that were nominated for Academy Awards in 2014.  Movies aren’t a big draw for me, so this resolution is actually hard.  But I have seen:  America Hustle, Nebraska, Captain Phillips, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • That leaves Philomena, Dallas Buyers Club, Her, Gravity,12 Years a Slave, and two movies that weren’t nominated for best movies, but for best Actress and best Supporting Actress: Osage County and Blue Jasmine

Organize my vegan recipe book — DONE!

Clean out unused items around the house (electronics, food, kitchen gadgets, make-up) — I made a lot of progress on this when I tried to get rid of at least one thing a day for 30 days, so while this is an ongoing resolution, I am going to count it as ACCOMPLISHED (for now).

 Visit with my (grown) children at least every 6 weeks — It is time to make some plans to get myself down to their area or get them up here!  It has been longer than 6 weeks.  And even though the holidays are quite a few months away, I need to start figuring out who is going where this year!

And a related resolutionTake Kelsey to NYC over the holidays — Well I started looking into this, and it might get a bit expensive, and so I really need to rethink either NYC or a ski trip in early 2015… So before the holidays I need to:

  • Determine where everyone is going for Thanksgiving and Christmas and plan a ski trip for early 2015

Oh here’s a resolution that has gotten ignored all year (and for the past several years too it appears.  I will have to add it to my end of the year goals:

  • Finish Kelsey’s High School scrapbook (she graduated in 2007!) — I have all the papers and pictures.  I just need some time to organize everything and put it in the book.  I know, old school, but I have physical scrap books for her up through 8th grade so I am going to finish this one the old fashioned way.  Then what?  Who knows, it will most likely sit in my basement (along with my son’s scrapbooks) until I give the books them and let them figure out what to do with them!

It’s March and My Resolutions are Still Going Strong

Here it is March 3 and we are still FREEZING here in New Hampshire.  At least the latest storm to sweep across the country is missing us by several hundred miles!

Time to check in on my annual goals, you know, those New Year’s Resolutions.  I find that if I hold myself accountable by reviewing them at least once a month, I am much more likely to stick to them, and so here goes:


Work and Career:

Learn the basics of coding and learn to build a website either through an on-line tutorial or through a physical class

I’m sorry to say, I did not work on this at all in February 🙁

Post at least twice a month on my professional blog, Grace’s Rantings 

I posted once in February (which was one more time than January).  I really have to work on this!

Update my website

I really have to do this too.  I want to revise the copy a bit and get some new photos taken, as the existing ones were when I weighted about 15 pounds more than I do now!


Home and Family:

Train my new puppy

Still working on it.  Just when I think we are making progress, she has an accident in the house.  But I’m not sure it is an accident, that would imply she understands the concept of going outside, which I’m not sure she does…Stay tuned

Paint my downstairs bathroom

Maybe I’ll go get the paint this month so I’ll be ready when the inspiration strikes!  Honestly, I can’t get much of anything done until the puppy is fully trained and I don’t have to keep her in my sight at all times.

Paint my basement steps — See above

Visit with my (grown) children at least every 6 weeks

I had a long weekend ski trip with Kelsey in February.  It was a blast.  The snow was perfect!  But I need to visit with Taylor and Nora sometime SOON, it’s been almost 3 months.

 Take Kelsey to NYC over the holidays — I still have time on this one


Get together with at least 2 friends each month

February was a good month for friends!  I got together with Terri, Martha, Trudy and Jen.  Lots of good food and wine was shared by all!

Write 52 letters in 52 weeks

In February, I sent letters to Colleen B. and Taylor, and I sent Valentines to 8 special people, and birthday cards to 4 relatives with early March birthdays — Nora, Ellen, Kristen and June.  I did my part for the post office this month!

Physical Health and Fitness:

Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably more!

I exercised 11 times in February (not including shoveling), not as much as I would have liked, but I’m moving in the right direction.

Move my dumbbell weights up  from the basement and do at least 4 sets one exercise them daily!

How hard could it possibly be to carry a set of 3lb, 5lb, 8 lb and 10 lb dumbbells upstairs from the basement and set them up in a quiet corner?  This is definitely a March resolution

Run a 5k in under 24 minutes and/or a 10k in under 50 minutes

I have 2 5Ks and a 5 miler on my schedule for March.  While I won’t make these times, it is another step in the right direction!  And I just realized that a sub 8 minute mile for a 5K is under 25 minutes, not 24 minutes, so I am changing this goal to running a 5K in under 25 minutes!

Run a 10 miler or half marathon in 2014 (or better yet, one of each!) — see above!

Bench Press 4 reps at 75 lbs

I’ve only been to the gym twice this month, so I am not making any progress on this goal!

Participate in the annual Yoga Mala

The Mala was yesterday, March 2. It was great

 Continue to eat a vegan diet, be more diligent about processed foods and restaurant food

Doing well on this, although I recently went to an Indian restaurant thinking it would be easy to find vegan dishes and I found out that they use a LOT of cream and yogurt.  I will have to call ahead next time.

Continue to cut out (or at least cut down on) use of plastic

I had to throw away 2 of my glass containers as they got stuck together!  I didn’t want to force them too much as I didn’t want to end up at the hospital with a huge gash in my hand!  I will have to get some larger containers for all the soups/stews that I make and freeze.

Floss my teeth daily

February wasn’t quite as good as January in the flossing department, but I have high hopes for March!


Mental and Spiritual Health:

Don’t fret over or complain about issues; either act to change it or accept it

This is one of those ongoing resolutions…baby steps…

Be grateful every day, keep a gratitude journal/Study more about the Law of Attraction and other philosophies/Meditate daily

 I’ve combined these three into one as they are related.  I am still keeping a gratitude journal on my computer, unfortunately I only had 2 entries in February. Meditation and working with the law of attraction would go along nicely with the gratitude journal.  Hopefully I will develop the habit…


Hobbies, Leisure and Organization (yes, organization is a hobby of mine!):

See all the movies nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture (This was a resolution last year too, and it was fun to achieve!)

Well the Oscars were last night and truthfully I’m not so sure I’m interested in this resolution.

Consistently blog 2-3 times per week on personal blog.

10 posts in February!  The weekly Link Up that I am participating in certainly helps! 

Finish Kelsey’s High School scrapbook (she graduated in 2007!)

I need to get on this.  Let’s see, she graduated in 2007, 7 years ago this June!  I will make this a resolution to accomplish before the end of June 2014.

Organize my vegan recipe book

I am getting closer to getting this done.  I bought a bigger binder, punched holes in all the recipe sheets and have started putting them in the proper sections.  I will definitely have this done by the end of March (as it is all over my kitchen right now!)

Clean out unused items around the house (electronics, food, kitchen gadgets, make-up)

Another on going project, but I am tossing things out…slowly


Well in addition to the general, “I will work on this”, I made myself some specific promises for March —

  • Buy paint for bathroom and for basement steps
  • Move my dumbbells upstairs
  • Organize my vegan recipe book



Checking in with 2013 Goals and Resolution

Today, with the weather firmly established as summer-like (again going into the 90’s), it seems like a good time to check in with those goals I had set back in January.  To see if I am on track, and also to see if I need to modify some!


See the positive in every situation, or to follow the advise of  a fellow blogger, play the Glad Game; Don’t fret over or complain about issues; either act to change it or accept it; Procrastinate less, or to put it positively, use my time productively; Chronicle the good from the year by keeping a jar of good things that occur during 2013

Yeah I still need to work on these!  I did start keeping a  jar of good things that occur during 2013, but I haven’t put anything in it in quite a while.  Not that good things haven’t happened, I just haven’t been keeping up with recording them.  Perhaps I can add things to the jar retroactively?

Arts & Entertainment

See all of the movies nominated for the best picture Academy Awards (and see the new Star Trek movie); See some plays; Go to some concerts; Take more photos during the year

I’m on track with this one!  I’ve seen a bunch of the Academy Award films — Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, AND Star Trek.  Wow, this is more movies than I’ve seen in a year since high school!

I have a bunch of plays lined up that I am planning on seeing this summer.

I’ve seen Southside Johnny at The Music Hall and The Rat Pack is Back (I’m not sure if that counts as a concert to a play)

I have fallen behind in the take photos category.  I even keep my little camera in my purse, but I never quite get around to snapping pictures.  I use my phone camera, but again, not too often.  Well, the year is young!  I better start taking some or my Christmas card will be photo-less this year!

Travel & Recreation

Go skiing; Go Ice Skating; Take a family trip (even if it is only a weekend)

I did manage to go skiing with my daughter, son and daughter-in-law so that qualifies for skiing and a family trip.  I would have liked to do more skiing and taken a longer trip, but we have to start somewhere!  And I would like to add in a trip with friends to the goals.

As for ice skating, they are talking of building an outdoor skating rink at Strawery Banke in Portsmouth!  I am very excited and if the weather is nice and cold in December, I should be achieve to make this resolution this year!


Practice yoga at least twice a week, preferably 10 times a month; Be able to sit with my legs at a 90 degree angle and touch my chest to the floor or to put it in yoga terms, Upavistha Konasana; Run a 5k in under 24 minutes and/or a 10k in under 50 minutes; Do 20 push ups at once (full push ups!)

Let’s see I was on track with yoga in Jan, Feb fell off a bit.  Then I had a nasty cold and cough and hardly went at all in March and April (couldn’t disturb the class with my constant hacking), but May was right on track — 10 times last month!  All in all, I managed to average about  6 classes per month.

I have been doing a lot of stretching, and working on pushups, but I am no where near my goals yet.

As for running, I have had to scale it back quite a bit as my Achilles tendon has been acting up, and so I haven’t done any speed work yet.  We’ll see about those race times!

Money & Finances

Increase savings 10% over last year; Turn off lights when leaving a room; Turn off water when not in use (brushing teeth, washing dishes)

I’m doing really good with these goals!

Personal Organization

Update all my personal addresses and phone numbers into one master list; Sync all my personal and business calendars to one electronic calendar; Redo my passwords

Haven’t gotten to any of these yet…

My Blogs

Consistently blog 2-3 times per week on personal blog; and 2-3 times per month on my professional blog; Expand the topics of my blogs; Increase visits to my blogs.

I’ve done been keeping up with this blog, and visits have been increasing (thank you!)  I have been a bit slow with my professional blog  (all about marketing and social media).  While I haven’t been posting a lot, I have gotten a lot of “new user registrations”.  These seem to come from odd email addresses and so I don’t know if they are real or some sort of spam.  Any ideas?


Learn how to make a website

Nope, I haven’t done this yet.  But I did download a tutorial on coding.  Now I just have to go through it.

And a few of my favorite resolutions from last year that I carried forward to this year:

Deepen 1-2 friendships; Make 1 new friend; Get together with girl friends at least once a month; visit family monthly; write 52 letters in 52 weeks.

Well my letter writing is off this year, but I am at least writing some letters.  I have indeed gotten together with my friends each month, and as a result I believe I am deepening some friendships.  I don’t think I’ve made a new friend (yet), and I have managed to visit family almost once a month.  So I’m on track with these goals.

All in all, it’s been a good year in terms of these objectives I set forth back in December.  However, as you can see, there are definitely some areas that need attention in the remainder of the year!