Market Square Day 10k

Yesterday was the 35th annual Portsmouth Market Square Day 10K.  It is a great race.  2,000 runners run through Portsmouth.  The route starts and ends downtown and loops through the city.  It even passes by my house,  The photo at the top of this blog was taken as I ran by during last year’s race!

This year I wasn’t as trained as I would have liked to have been, as a matter of fact I had only run 5 miles twice in the weeks leading up to the race!  Typically I would have liked to have completed a 6-7 mile run during my training, but a killer cold and a stretch of bad weather didn’t allow for it.  (I’m really not that dedicated to run in miserable weather!).

But, I was very pleased with my result!  Last year, I trained hard for this race.  (It  was my first race after a 5 year hiatus), and my time was a respectable 54:28.  This year I was hoping to at least be close to that!

I went out too fast, but held an 8:30 pace for 2 miles.  Then I realized that I had better slow down or I would never make it.  I ran the next 2 miles at about a 9 minute pace.  Then I have no idea what pace I was at as there was no clock at the 5 mile mark.  As a matter of fact the 5 mile mark wasn’t even marked, but eventually I realized that I must have passed 5 miles so I picked it back up.

This race was mentally tough for me.  I attribute that to my insufficient training.  Running is really as much a mental exercise as it is physical.  Especially when you add some speed into the mix.  Quieting the brain is the hardest part.  As we ran by my house, I waved to friends and neighbors, then I heard the voice inside my head say, “you could turn around now and be done with it!”   What??  I had to squelch that thought quickly.

I didn’t turn around.  I kept going and I finished with a time of 54:51 (8:50 pace) — certainly not my best ever, but I’m rather happy.  At this point I look at age group results and hope to break the top 10% of my age group and I did, finishing 12th out of 117!  That’s a win for me!

Cramming for a 10K

I am running in the Market Square Day10K  in Portsmouth in just 3 weeks.  My training was going nicely up until a month or so ago when I was sidelined by a horrific cold and/or sinus infection.  A measly cold never has slowed me down like this.  I went about 2 weeks without doing any exercise (other than coughing), so now I am trying to get my training in quickly!

This is a fun race as the route makes a loop of Portsmouth and even goes right by my house at the 2 mile mark.  As a matter of fact, my blog’s header photo was taken during last year’s race.

I feel pretty good about getting back into my training this week.  I managed to run twice and get to yoga twice.  This week, the goal is to run 3 times.   Wish me luck!