A Tremendous Yoga Class

I’ve had a great week of yoga.  Since the Yoga Mala, I’ve been to class 3 times this week.  The first time was OK, I was a bit tender in the shoulders and legs so I took it easy.  Yesterday’s class was tough as  my shoulders and wrists were really feeling every Down Dog, Plank and Chaturanga.  I had to modify every move!

Today I was thinking maybe I should just rest (one of my favorite  mantras), but I really like Marla, the instructor who leads the Friday morning  class at 3 Bridges Yoga so I went — and it  was wonderful!  I was in the groove; my breathing was good, and my shoulders and wrists felt fine.  My big accomplishment is that I was able to get up into a forearm stand!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My blog is 2 years old today!  I started this blog as   motivation to help me get back into exercise and healthy eating after a lapse in both.  I am very happy to report that I have been successful in terms of exercise, healthy eating, and blogging.

On the exercise front I manage to go to the gym a few days a week and workout with weights.  I am on a good program and have gotten stronger.  I also practice yoga 2-3 days a week and it feels great!  Last spring I got back into running and ran some 5k and 10k races and even ran a half marathon.  My times certainly weren’t what they once were, but I DID IT!

My eating has improved greatly. I even lost some of the excess weight I had gained.  I would be very happy to lose 5 pounds more, but as I have heard more than once, “it’s only a number”.  More importantly I managed to bring my cholesterol numbers back in line.  My next steps in my quest to eat healthy are to buy (and use) a juicer and start buying organic vegetables (more on that later).

Taking Care of Your Knees

I read a great blog post today, “Baby Boomers, You Kneed your Knees” It talks about the drastic increase in knee replacement surgery, and what we can do to protect our knees. While the article is aimed at older adults, the advise is relevant for everyone:

— keep a healthy weight,
— warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards
— use proper form and equipment
— exercise on a consistent basis, preferably 30 minutes a day 5 days a week
— don’t increase exercise intensity more than 10% a week
— mix in cardio, strength training, and flexibility

A New Season…A New Exercise Program

I had a great week of workouts. First of all, I decided that even though it is tremendous exercise (physically and mentally), I can’t continue with Bikram Yoga as it is all consuming. It truly requires a lifestyle commitment. While the class is an hour and a half, I have to plan to eat your meals at least 2-3 hours ahead of time; then to make sure I get a good spot in class (not in the hottest part of the room, near enough to the mirror to see yourself, but not in the front row), I have to get there about 1/2 an hour ahead of time. After class, my body doesn’t stop sweating for about 2 hours! So let’s see that is a 6 1/2 – 7 hour time commitment per class! Not to mention I didn’t have the time or energy for any other exercise.

So good-bye to Bikram (for now). I did however find a nice, calm, not too sweaty Vinyassa yoga studio. I went 3 times this week already. It isn’t anywhere near as intense as Bikram, but I felt good none the less. This yoga is a good complement to my weight training and running.

Next, I signed up for a running training program that culminates in the Market Square 10k in June. I know I could run my own training program, but as with anyone, motivation is an issue! I hope that by signing up for a program (and paying for it), I’ll stay on track. The group meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings with an optional run on Saturday morning. I should be able to fit that into my schedule just fine. And with spring weather coming sometime soon, it should be very enjoyable!

And lastly, I’ve stepped up my weight training program. I found that while I was practicing Bikram Yoga, I had to reduce my weights as it was too much to do both! I went to the gym and really worked hard twice this week, weights and cardio.

As I said, all in all it was a good week, 3 yoga classes, 2 days of cardio and weights. Next week we’ll add in some running…

Happy Birthday Blog

My exercise, nutrition and healthy living blog is a year old. I started it t keep me motivated to exercise and lose the extra weight I had gained, and IT WORKED. I have lost 12 pounds in the past year and have gone from barely fitting into the size 8 clothes I had to buy when I gained weight, back into my size 6 clothes. I’ve become more aware of my food choices, and I am eating much better. With the healthier diet and regular exercise I feel great. I still need to lose those 2 pounds that I was going to lose in January, but let’s just push out the deadline a bit and say let’s lose them by mid-March, plenty of time before bathing suit season!