Let’s Get in Shape Together

I wrote this as a guest post on a cool blog, Drink Wine and Giggle.  The Drink Wine and Giggle gals are all about using the power of friendship to turn girlfriend time into life-enhancing experiences.  They offer activities that will encourage self-awareness; strengthen your bonds of friendship; be an inexhaustible source of fun; and make your life better in a lasting way.  Check them out! at drinkwineandgiggle.com

Let’s Get in Shape Together

The title of this post is Let’s Get in Shape Together – the key word being together. I have always found that it is a lot easier (and a whole lot more fun) to exercise and get in shape with a friend. Not only does the time pass more quickly when you have someone to talk to, but you will hold each other accountable for doing the exercise!

The hard part is finding a friend who wants to do the exercise you want to do at the time that is convenient for both of you. So rather than wait around for a friend to want to go to the gym, to yoga or for a run, a better approach may be to go out there and join in with people who already exercise. You may start out as strangers, but you may end as friends!

I have met all of my exercise partners, many of whom are now my friends, this way.

About twenty years ago, when I first got into exercise, I joined the local Y. It was convenient for me to go during lunchtime and so I started going a few times a week at noon. Within a few months, after seeing the same people week after week I started developing friendships. And since the only time I saw my “Y friends” was when I went to the gym, it kept me going. To this day, while many of us have moved away and few of us still go to that YMCA, I remain friendly with a handful of women whom I first met at the Y. We stay in touch and even get together a few times a year.

More recently, I wanted to get back into running. I noticed that my local running store had a 5K and a 10K training group forRunning Grace upcoming races. I signed up for the 10K group. The goal of the group was not only to train us to run the race, but also to encourage camaraderie among the participants. During my first run I met up with a woman who ran at my pace.  We started talking, trained side by side and completed the race. Now, 3 years later we meet for a run once or twice a week and even make time to go to the gym together. I met a new friend who I would never have met if I hadn’t first ventured out there alone to the running group.

These are just two examples from my life. There are many opportunities to join up with a group of people who share what you enjoy. Check out your local bicycle clubs (for all abilities), hiking clubs, ski clubs, adult softball and basketball leagues, bowling leagues and soccer leagues.

A Google search will yield groups and clubs in your local area where you can join in with a group of people who enjoy the activities you do and who will keep you getting out there and participating!