An Extra Hour!

So here I am an hour early! Gotta love the return to Standard Time! I know my cell phone changes the hour automatically, but my kitchen clocks didn’t!  I got up went into the kitchen, had breakfast, checked my email, walked the dog, got dressed then looked at the clock and said, “oh no 7:45 I have to go! Joke’s on me it was only 6:45. No wonder the streets were so empty!  I got to the coffee hop a half hour before they opened! 

Now I’m relaxing enjoying my coffee–a nice way to spend my extra hour

Enjoy National Dog Day!

Shakira and I would like to remind you that next Thursday, August 26 is National Dog Day on August 26. As this blog is all about fitness and wellness, I thought I would share some fitness tips for your dog.  Just like for humans, exercise is important for dogs to keep them physically and mentally healthy and to help them live a long life.

Remember to start off slowly and work your pooch up as his fitness level improves. The following infographic highlights breeds who will do well with high activity level like Golden Retrievers, and those that don’t need much running and would prefer lighter activity, like Shakira, my Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix. Here is a great infographic from  that will give you more information



Books I Listened to in 2014

The third and final part of my recap of the Books I Read in 2014 consists of the books I didn’t actually read, but rather listened to with my Audible app.  I find the experience of listening to a book different from reading one — not better nor worse, just different.  The narrator has a lot to do with the enjoyment of an audio book.

I did a lot less driving in 2014 than I have in previous years.  I took a lot less trips to visit my dad in New Jersey (as he moved up here to be closer to me), and my commute time was cut back to almost nothing as I worked from home.  However I did listen to some good stories in 2014:


Deception Point, Dan Brown

This may very well have been my favorite Dan Brown book. It takes place on the Arctic ice as scientists are working to prove that a NASA discovery is extraterrestrial, or is it???  The book has plenty of suspense and adventure, and as with all of Dan Brown’s books, it is very hard to put down!



The Time Keeper, Mitch Album

An odd story that makes you think about how me are obsessed with time.  There always seems to be either too much time or too little time.  In this parable, we meet Father Time who was the first man who attempted to measure time. He is punished for centuries, but eventually is set free with a mission to teach two modern day earthly people the true meaning of time.  This was an interesting story, and causes the reader (or listener) to think about time a little differently


David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell

To be truthful, I only listened to half of this book as it got very repetitive.  The basic premise is that successful people use their weaknesses to their advantage and their weakness becomes their strength.  Good to know.  Come to think of it, I never got all the way through any of Malcolm Gladwell’s books…


Generation Loss, Elizabeth Hand

A very strange murder mystery about a burnt out photographer who made her mark in the New York City punk scene of the late 70’s and has been drunk every since.  She goes to an island off the coast of Maine to interview a woman whose photography had a big impact on her work, and ends up deeply entangled in the life of the small island town.  Overall, I didn’t really like this story, but it held my attention and so I finished the book


The Dinner, Herman Koch

A very fascinating story that takes place entirely during the course of a dinner between two couples (the husbands are brothers).  During the course of the meal, an intriguing story unfolds and we find out details about the lives of the diners as well as the terrible acts committed by  their children.  I really enjoyed how the author told this story.


The Rook, Daniel O’Malley

I loved this story!   It revolves around a woman who wakes up with amnesia and discovers she is part of a secret organization comprised of individuals with all sorts of different magical “talents”.  The organization operates to keep ordinary citizens safe from supernatural  dangers. I look forward to the next book in the series, Stiletto (not due out until June 2015)