I’m Official, I have a QR Code

Under the advise and direction of Geekalicious I have made a QR code for my blog using Kaywa QR Code.   Cool!

SGMS blog QR code

A Little Trip = A Lot of Packing

I am leaving for a weekend trip to visit my kids (hardly kids, young adults is a better description).  Anyway, in an effort to calm down and relax, I thought I’d write a bit.

I have made this trip many, many times before.  I take the bus right from Portsmouth to Logan airport (about an hour away), get dropped off right at the terminal,  take an easy 1 1/2 hour flight to Dulles Airport, and get picked by my daughter at the other end.  Easy.

Well I’ve been up for 4 hours…packing.  The main problem is the weather.  For the past week it has been in the high 70’s to low 80’s here in New Hampshire (so I can only imagine the weather in the DC area).  But this weekend, the Weather Channel is predicting 60’s-70’s and raining in DC.  So what do I bring?  Long sleeves? short sleeves? pants? capris? shoes? sandals? And what about a jacket?

I only want to bring one carry-on bag so I can’t bring everything.  I’ve packed and repacked several times now and I think I have it narrowed down.  My Gortex rain coat (luckily it folds up very small), a pair of “nice” jeans (plus the ones I’m wearing), capris, a light sweater and a very light long sleeve shirt.  Two short sleeve cotton shirts that can be worn alone or under the sweater/long sleeve shirt.  Then in case we get some exercise in, yoga clothes and running clothes –just in case — and that means sneakers, plus shoes with a heel, plus sandals, and the flats I’m wearing!

Did I mention I’m only going for 3 days?

Not too good today

No exercise today, but I had some great strawberry shortcake!