Forget Losing the 10 Pounds

Before we make a new year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds (again), keep in mind that ads for women’s clothes use 16-year-old models,

This model for a "women's" bathing suit, is clearly a "junior"!

And ads for prom dresses use 30-year-old models:

My high school prom picture didn't look like this!

Maybe it’s not the 10 pounds we have to lose, but rather the ads that lead to a poor body image!

Good Bye Winter Cough

I learned a great tip yesterday. I was mentioning to an expert on nutrition, supplements and natural medicine that I spend most of the winter with a dry cough due to post nasal drip. She said to try a supplement called Quercetin with Bromelain. Quercetin is a plant-derived flavonoid, and Bromelain is a pineapple extract. Both have anti-inflammatory properties and together can ease sinusitis and post nasal drip. I must honestly admit that it seems to be working!

Happy Birthday Blog

My exercise, nutrition and healthy living blog is a year old. I started it t keep me motivated to exercise and lose the extra weight I had gained, and IT WORKED. I have lost 12 pounds in the past year and have gone from barely fitting into the size 8 clothes I had to buy when I gained weight, back into my size 6 clothes. I’ve become more aware of my food choices, and I am eating much better. With the healthier diet and regular exercise I feel great. I still need to lose those 2 pounds that I was going to lose in January, but let’s just push out the deadline a bit and say let’s lose them by mid-March, plenty of time before bathing suit season!

The start of the year, time for New Year’s Resolutions….

I went to the gym today and reluctantly got on the scale. The only time I get on the scale is when I go to the gym as I don’t have a scale at home. About two years ago, I got angry at my scale (or more accurately at myself) and threw the scale away. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. While I ate WAY too much candy, cake and cookies over Christmas, I’ve been pretty good this week, and I weigh 2 pounds less than I thought! So my resolution for my weight is to lose 2 more pounds. Let’s set a goal of losing those 2 pounds by the end of January. I wasn’t sure if my yoga practice was resulting in any weight loss, I guess it is!

Speaking of yoga, I have been really enjoying Bikram yoga . The heat of the room doesn’t bother me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still sweat like crazy, but the heat is no longer a hindrance. I enjoy the consistency of the practice, the 26 postures. And after the first 13 of the standing series, I am very glad to do the next 13 on the mat! I still struggle with the triangle pose.

Today I did a weight workout for the first time in a few weeks. I lowered my weights, reduced the number of sets, and rested between sets and I felt good. My exercise resolution is to practice yoga 2-3 days a week and go to they gym for weights and cardio 2 times a week. Once the weather gets nice again, I might lower that to weights once a week and running twice a week.

Now for nutrition. While I’m not vegan or even a vegetarian, I am going to incorporate more vegan fare into my diet. I am going to eat more rice, beans and vegetables and less meat. Why? well not only to lower then maintain my weight, but also to lower my cholesterol and maintain my health. Who knows what the health care system will look like in the future, I’m going to do everything I can to remain healthy! I also resolve to take my calcium, and juice plus, drink more water and to be aware of what I am eating so I know when I am full, and stop when I am full! I’m not going to stop eating cakes, candies, cookies and ice cream, but I am going to eat less!

Now for some non-exercise/nutrition related resolutions:
Take my kids on a family vacation
Call, visit or write (as in a real letter and send through the US Mail) 2 different people each week
Save more money for the future
Continue to grow my media buying business
And one or two others that I am not sharing here!

Wish me luck and let me know your resolutions. We can support each other through 2011

An Overweight Nation

As a nation we are overweight, don’t admit it and aren’t doing anything about it!

According to a 2010 Gallup Poll, on average, 62% of Americans are overweight. Only 19% are their ideal weight and 11% are underweight.

The average man weighs 193 pounds, 12 pounds higher than the average ideal of 181. 59% of men in the US are overweight, 22% are their ideal weight and 15% are underweight.

The average woman weighs 159 pounds, 19 pounds more than the average ideal weight of 140 pounds. 60% of US women are overweight, 17% are at their ideal weight, and 9% are underweight.

Despite these facts, 57% of Americans describe their weight as ÔÇťabout right”! Yet, 54% of Americans say they want to lose weight, and only 27% are actively trying to do so!