Time for a mid-year check on my New Year’s Resolutions.  I never actually posted my resolutions for 2017, but I had them jotted down on a scrap of paper and stuffed into a desk drawer.  I came upon them this week and was pleasantly surprised that I’m on track with several of them.

  • Become AdWords certified —  90% done — I am just a few weeks away from completing an Inbound Marketing course which is preparing me for the certification tests for AdWords search and display, shopping and mobile.
  • Complete 200 hour yoga teacher training and become certified — Done!
  • Blog regularly — I just started blogging again and plan on continuing with both this blog and another one I write which is about communications, advertising and media
  • Save money — This resolution is on hold until I get a new job.  Now I am simply trying not to spend money!
  • Apply to TSA Precheck  — Done.  It is easy and a HUGE time and stress saver.  I highly recommend it.

This lead me to my Second Half of 2017 Resolutions —

  • Get a job where I can use my talents and experience to help others
  • Now that I have my yoga teacher certification, I need to start teaching; and so  I’m set a resolution to teach a yoga class. Breaking this into steps to achieve this resolution:
    • Plan out a handful of strong classes
    • Practice regularly
  • Send a letter or card once a week. (This is an old resolution but its worth repeating)
  • Go to the gym 1-2 times a week
  • Visit my (grown) kids (who live far away) every 6 weeks.

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