Words of Inspiration

I often come upon beautiful inspirational thoughts. Sometimes I write them down to remember for later, but often they are written on random scraps of paper never to be found again.  I  decided to include inspirational thoughts as part of this blog and share them here in under their own heading so that we can refer back to them when we need a little inspiration.  Feel free to comment with words or phrases that you find inspirational and I’ll add them so we can share the joy.  Here is one for today:

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. 

Don’t miss so many of them.” 


  1. Gary O. says:

    There are two high tides, and two low tides each day…all are equally amazing phenomenons. I know that the moon makes them happen…in reality, that’s pretty far away to have such an impact.

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