Embrace Today

Embrace Today

Forget about Yesterday

Have Faith in Tomorrow


  1. Gary O. says:

    Optimism is always a better viewpoint than nostalgia.

  2. Grace, what happened to that .gif image? Was its appearance here in violation of copyright? I did get to see it Wednesday night and you asked for feedback on it, so let me briefly say that, pretty as it was, I didn’t like its ‘motion’ and would have preferred a (completely) still photograph.

    • graceyb says:

      The GIFs weren’t showing up on mobile so I took them down until i could figure out why. Any ideas?

      • It may be helpful to prune the underlying HTML. The img element has two required attributes, src and alt: everything else (width, height, etc.) is optional. Assuming that you can edit your posts’ HTML, go back to the img code and simplify it to

        (left angle bracket)img src=”http://image_location/myImage.gif” alt=”A cherry blossom tree”(right angle bracket)

        and then give it another shot and see what happens.

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