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Tip of the Day — Peeling Bananas

Here is your tip of the day.

If you peel a banana from the bottom rather than the top, you won’t get the strings.  Did you know that this is how monkeys peel bananas?

Have You Heard About PechaKucha?

I just got home from a really cool event.  It was called PechaKucha.  (That’s PaCHA KaCHA) It is a worldwide phenomenon. held in over 900 cities across the globe.  PK is all about the art of presenting a story concisely. The format is simple; There are 8-10 speakers.  Each speaker tells their story with 20 slides and they get 20 seconds per slide.   The presenters talk about something they are passionate about.  Over the past few I’ve heard presentations on art, music, gardening, urban playgrounds, travel, tiny houses, martial arts,  photography, hand crafted long boards, yoga and more. If you ever see  Pecha Kucha event coming to a city near you, I strongly advise you to go and experience it.

It turns out that physical exercise isn’t just good for your heart, your muscles and your bones,  It is also imperative for a healthy brain.

According to Neurologist Sanjay iyer of the Neuroosciences-Neurology Institute in Charlotte, ” Exercise can help restore the balance of certain chemicals in the brain that may promote a feeling of overall wellness and improve memory.”  Conversely, not moving impedes brain cognitive ability, lowers IQ  and lowers the brain’s processing speed.  These factor all decrease 5%every 10 years.  A 2014 Stanford University study also determined that physical exercise can also increase creativity.  Participants who walked on a treadmill vs sitting during cognitive tests had an 81% increase in productivity.  Treadmill desks anyone?

Exercising in nature further boosts brainpower.  Psychological Science reported on a study where participants walking in nature had a 20% increase in short term memory while those who walked on city streets had none.

So, let’s get outside and get moving!






neuroscientist Sanjay Iyer of the Neuosciences Institute

Dangers of Too Much Caffeine

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I’m watching the news about an otherwise healthy 16 year old buy who died from an overdose of caffeine.   Two hours before he died, he drank a large diet Mountain Dew, a cafe latte and an energy drink.  He died of arrhythmia – an irregular heartbeat.  Caffeine prompts the release of natural compounds called catecholamines, including norepinephrine, a stress hormone that can speed the heart rate.

In reasonable doses, caffeine is not dangerous.  The FDA says that adults can consume 400mg of caffeine daily.  An 8 oz cup of coffee has approximately 163 mg of caffeine (of course when was the last time you had only an 8 oz cup of coffee?).

Here is a link courtesy of Dunkin Donuts, which gives a comprehensive link of the caffeine content in many popular drinks

Time for a mid-year check on my New Year’s Resolutions.  I never actually posted my resolutions for 2017, but I had them jotted down on a scrap of paper and stuffed into a desk drawer.  I came upon them this week and was pleasantly surprised that I’m on track with several of them.

  • Become AdWords certified —  90% done — I am just a few weeks away from completing an Inbound Marketing course which is preparing me for the certification tests for AdWords search and display, shopping and mobile.
  • Complete 200 hour yoga teacher training and become certified — Done!
  • Blog regularly — I just started blogging again and plan on continuing with both this blog and another one I write which is about communications, advertising and media
  • Save money — This resolution is on hold until I get a new job.  Now I am simply trying not to spend money!
  • Apply to TSA Precheck  — Done.  It is easy and a HUGE time and stress saver.  I highly recommend it.

This lead me to my Second Half of 2017 Resolutions —

  • Get a job where I can use my talents and experience to help others
  • Now that I have my yoga teacher certification, I need to start teaching; and so  I’m set a resolution to teach a yoga class. Breaking this into steps to achieve this resolution:
    • Plan out a handful of strong classes
    • Practice regularly
  • Send a letter or card once a week. (This is an old resolution but its worth repeating)
  • Go to the gym 1-2 times a week
  • Visit my (grown) kids (who live far away) every 6 weeks.