This little cartoon really spoke to my heart.  Whenever I spend time with a friend, I realize just how important the relationship is.  A friend can be someone you grew up with, a neighbor, a work colleague, even the person you chat with weekly at the dry cleaner or grocery store! Without our friends, life would be very lonely indeed.

I always try to keep in touch with friends through cards, Facebook, a quick coffee, and even dinner out.  How we communicate isn’t important, but reinforcing the connection is.  Who can you reach out to today?

Friends you meet on your path


  1. I would like to connect with you today Grace!! You constantly put in the effort to be a good friend and I need to do the same! Had a fabulous dinner with Kelsey on Sunday night….she’s great and we need to plan a date so we can all be in DC at the same time! That would be so much fun!
    Love you Grace!

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