My Goals for March

WOW, February was a tough month!  4 major snowstorms dumping about 7 FEET of snow.  Let’s hope that is the end of it!  2015-01-27 14.10.29

These snowbanks will be here for quite a while!  my poor doggie has all but given up trying to go outside!  To give you some perspective, in the background, behind the gigantic snow bank you can see my second floor windows!

But, moving on, as February ends it is time to review my February goals and see how I did. As you may recall, this year I am setting monthly goals or resolutions rather than making a big list of New Year’s Resolutions so that I can actually tackle them one by one.  Hopefully the good habits I’m forming (and bad ones I’m breaking) carry over to future months and by the end of the year I will have a list of positive habits I’ve developed and negative habits I’ve broken.

So far in 2015, my goals have been:

January Goals:

  • Drink 5, 12 oz glasses of water daily — I believe I’ve achieved this at least 80% of the time; I need to keep working on this).
  •  Stop Procrastinating! — I am doing good with this one, getting to things right away rather than leaving them “for later”

February Goals:

  • Go to the gym 3x per week — DONE!  I did it!  There was a week or two when I didn’t’ think I’d get my 3 times in, and I wanted to say, “shoveling counts”!  But I did get my weight training in, and I really enjoyed it and even better, greatly improved my work load (weight x reps x sets).
  • No Extra Spending — Also done!  While I did spend a lot of money (on a planned vacation, and on excess snow removal), I didn’t spend frivolously, I cut down on lattes, didn’t buy and clothes or shoes and managed to stay away from stores in general (perhaps the excess snow helped here!)

So now the trick is to continue with these resolutions and add in some for March.  I am going to amend the gym 3x/week as I need to start adding back in some running and yoga, and so I am going to resolve to exercise 4-5 times per week and include running, yoga and weight training.

March Goals:

  • Positive Habit:  Blog 3x per week.  I actually have 2 blogs, this one and my professional blog which focuses on communication, marketing and social media.  Feel free to check it out!  My goal is to post twice a week here and once a week on the other.  Since it is already Friday and I have only written this post, you will be hearing from me again soon!
  • Negative Habit: Be Less Judgmental, or put more positively, Be More Open Minded to new things, new ideas, new people, new ways of doing things, etc.! I really like this quote from Walt Witman and will strive to live by it!

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