Happy February…Rabbit…for whatever reason it is we say rabbit on the first of the month.  More importantly, Happy Super Bowl Day (Go Pats!).

Even more importantly, it is the start of a new month and time for a new resolution.  This year, rather than make a bunch of resolutions in January and scrambling to achieve them all at once,  I decided to make one big resolution for the year and then make two monthly ones that I could work on for 30 days to form into positive habits and break negative habits.  January’s resolutions were to

Positive Habit to embrace: Drink 5 12 oz glasses of water a day

I’m doing great with this one!  I actually crave water now if I don’t have a glass in my hand. There are so many important health reasons to drink water: more energy, better digestion, better skin, etc.  but I must admit, the water has made those “wine headaches” stop.  Woo Hoo, now I can enjoy 2 glasses of wine again.  Stay Hydrated my friends!

Negative Habit to change: Stop Procrastinating

While this resolution isn’t easily measurable, I have definitely procrastinated less this month. Several times, I’d look at something that needed to be done and was about to put it off when the little voice in my head (yes I admit, I have those) said,  “Don’t procrastinate” and so I got up and did it!

While I will continue to encompass these two resolutions, I have added a positive and negative one for February:

With a ski trip coming up at the end of the month, my positive resolution is to:

GO TO THE GYM 3 TIMES A WEEK.  No Excuses.  Regardless of what other exercise I do, (yoga, running), I am going to get to the gym for some serious weight training at least 3 times a week.

As for the negative habit, I am resolving:

NO EXTRA SPENDING THIS MONTH!  I finished paying off the Christmas bills, and again I have an (expensive) trip coming up, and for various reasons, my income is taking a big hit this year and so I am resolving to curtail spending on extras.  No shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup, things for the house, electronics, etc.

Here goes, wish me luck!

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