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2014 Resolution Final Update

As 2014 is drawing to a close, I wanted to take one more look at my 2014 Resolutions.  Some I gave up on or “adjusted” as the year went on, but let’ see how I fared.  I’ve crossed off the ones I have accomplished:

  • Learn the basics of coding and learn to build a website either through an on-line tutorial or through a physical class — NOPE
  • Post at least twice a month on my professional blog, Grace’s Rantings  — Didn’t quite make this one, on 7 posts ALL YEAR!! 
  • Update my website DONE!
  • Train my new puppy — Who knew this was going to be so hard, we are sooo close!!!
  • Paint my downstairs bathroom DONE!
  • Paint my basement steps DONE!
  • Visit with my (grown) children at least every 6 weeks — not quite this frequently, but I did see them a lot during the year
  • Take Kelsey to NYC over the holidays –– adjusted this resolution to schedule a ski trip once I realized how EXPENSIVE the NYC trip would be!
  • Get together with at least 2 friends each month I love completing this one!
  • Write 52 letters in 52 weeks.Well I sent way more than 52 letters/cards, but not necessarily one a week!
  • Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably more!  HA!
  • Move my dumbbell weights up  from the basement and do at least 4 sets one exercise them daily! I got them upstairs….
  • Participate in the annual Yoga Mala
  • Run a 5k in under 24 minutes and/or a 10k in under 50 minutes Ran 2 5K’s in under an 8 minute mile which is what I really meant!
  • Run a 10 miler or half marathon in 2014  Ran a 10 miler!
  • Bench Press 4 reps at 75 lbs Going to the gym would help with this one!
  • Continue to eat a vegan diet, be more diligent about processed foods and restaurant food DONE
  • Continue to cut out (or at least cut down on) use of plastic DONE
  • Floss my teeth daily DAILY??? What was I thinking?  I did floss a lot but not quite daily
  • Don’t fret over or complain about issues; either act to change it or accept it Yeah, good idea…maybe next year
  • Be grateful every day, keep a gratitude journal! I am very grateful for so many things in my life, but journaling just isn’t my thing.
  • Study more about the Law of Attraction and other philosophies Working on it.
  • Meditate daily Yeah, another good one to carry over
  • See all the movies nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture — I saw quite a few, but not all — Wolf of Wall Street, Monuments Men, Nebraska, Osage County 
  • Consistently blog 2-3 times per week on personal blog. I did a lot of blogging, but then I got very, very busy with work and sort of fell off, but I will keep blogging on!
  • Finish Kelsey’s High School scrapbook (she graduated in 2007!) OK, next year!
  • Organize my vegan recipe book Done
  • Clean out unused items around the house (electronics, food, kitchen gadgets, make-up) DONE

Hmmm, not great, but not bad!  Here’s to 2015