Short Winter Days

Now that the days are getting very short and night falls very early.  I find that I get anxious as it gets dark.  Today (December 4), the sun will set at 4:11 pm in New Hampshire.  Granted it isn’t dark until 4:30, but this is awfully early!

Sunset at Great Bay Narina

I will be sitting at my desk working away and as the sky gets darker and darker, I can feel my heart rate quickening, my breathing getting shallow, and a general air of tension in my being.

This isn’t anything new, it happens every year.  It’s funny, but 5:00 pm seems very, very late at this time of year, while in the summer 8:00 pm is still early!

I try to reassure myself that it is indeed early, and that I still have 5 or 6 hours before bedtime, but I still feel anxious in the late afternoons.

Oh well I guess I will just have to endure the darkness until the days start getting longer on December 21!


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