Completed the Will Run For Beer Series!

Yesterday was the last race in the Smuttynose Will Run for Beer Series.  It was a series of 8 races from January 1-June 22–all offering a beer to runners of age, after the race!  When a  runner registers for the series and completes 5 races, they get a running jacket.  Most of the races were 5Ks although there was a 4 miler and half marathon option.  (I ran 4 5Ks and the 4 mile race).  One of the good things about this series is that it got me started running earlier in the season (my first 2 races were in March).  And the shorter distances allowed me to really work on my sped.

I did really well in the series, and while I don’t have my overall series results yet, yesterday I finished the 5K in 25:07 at a 8:06 pace.  Even better, I finished 6th out of 129 in my age group.  (I always set a goal of top 10% so this is a great result.)

And I got a great jacket!

Now it is on to some longer distances and the hot and humid summer races…



  1. That jacket is better that the green one from The Masters! Congratulations!!!

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