Market Square Day 10K

I had a great race today!  It was the 36th annual Market Square Day 10K in Portsmouth, NH.  The race kicks off Market Square Day which is a celebration of arts and culture in downtown Portsmouth.  The streets are closed to traffic, and there are street vendors, entertainers, and activities for kids throughout the downtown.


The race starts right at Market Square and makes a 6.2 mile loop around the city.  It is a fun race with people lining the route cheering for the runners.  I had a few friends along the way and it is always so encouraging to see them!


As this was my first 10K this year, (actually since 2012) I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of time.  I had run a bunch of 5Ks this year and my time ranged from 8:54 for my first race to 7:47.  I was shooting for under 9 minute miles for today’s 10K.


Well I was very happy with my time of 52:42 (8:29 pace)!  This is the best 10K time I have had in years (In 1999 I ran a 10K in 45:21 (7:17 pace)  but I was 15 year younger then!  My overall goal is always to finish in the top 10% of my age group, and while I didn’t quite make that today I was close (16 out of 143, top 11%) and very, very pleased!  I guess the speed work my running partner and I have been doing is really paying off (Thanks Coach CJ)!


Of course I pretty much took the rest of the day off.  I ate, took a LONG, HOT shower, took a nap, ate some more, read a little, and now it is almost 6:00 pm and time for dinner.



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