Two Projects–Done!

I am so excited that I am not even going to wait until my end of month review to announce that I have achieved two of my new year’s resolutions!  I painted my bathroom and I painted my basement steps!  This is a first for me and so I am very proud of my accomplishment!


The bathroom was a project that I had wanted to do for about 2 years.  I picked out the color at that time, put a paint chip in the 2014-05-18 07.14.05bathroom, and just thought about it.


Then I made a resolution to actually do it this year.  I bought the paint 2 months ago and yesterday I did it!  I taped, edged, rolled, even put on a second coat.  Then this morning I peeled off the tape and touched up the ceiling in a few areas where I got some smudges.  The color is a pretty purple-ish blue.


2014-05-18 07.48.17


In between coats of paint in the bathroom, I also painted my basement steps.  The steps were just raw wood and they were very messy.  As they had never been painted, they really soaked up the paint and took quite a long time.  Much longer than I had anticipated.  As I started I realized that I had to wash and tape each step.  And so I vacuumed and wiped down each step, raped, painted, and later after the first coat dried, I put on a second coat.  And once again this morning I touched up the wall with white paint to cover the many smudges.  (I am not the neatest painter!)


The steps are a silver-y grey color, and yes that is my little puppy at the top of the steps.  She whined the 2014-05-18 07.48.36whole time I was painting.  Luckily she can’t come down the stairs otherwise I would have had a huge mess!


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