Revisiting My 2014 Annual Goals

Wow, another month has come and gone.  Is it me or is 2014 flying by?  I’ve been looking forward to checking in on my annual goals, (you know, those New Year’s Resolutions) as I think I made some good progress this month.  Let’s find out…


Work and Career:

Learn the basics of coding and learn to build a website either through an on-line tutorial or through a physical class

Oops, once again, I have done nothing on this in again in March

Post at least twice a month on my professional blog, Grace’s Rantings 

Darn, I only posted once in March (same as February).  I really have to work on this!

Update my website

I really have to do this too.  I want to revise the copy a bit and get some new photos taken, as the existing ones were when I weighted about 15 pounds more than I do now!  However I did pick up a new long term project in March so that counts as something!


Home and Family:

Train my new puppy

We are getting there!  So far we are going on a week without an accident! 

Paint my downstairs bathroom

No I didn’t paint the bathroom or the basement steps in March; however I did set a March goal to buy the paint, and I have done that!  I bought paint, brushes, a roller and blue tape.  Now I need a roller handle.

Paint my basement steps — See above

Visit with my (grown) children at least every 6 weeks

No visits in March, but I have a trip planned to see “the kids” in April, and a Kelsey has a trip scheduled to come up here in May.  

 Take Kelsey to NYC over the holidays — I still have time on this one


Get together with at least 2 friends each month

I got together with a lot of friends in March.  I went to book club in the beginning of the month so I saw all my book club friends, I had dinner with Jen, Rhonda, my UNH friends — Prudy, Betsy and Kathy, and I got together with a former neighbor (who I haven’t seen in ages), Deb.  It was a very social month!

Write 52 letters in 52 weeks

In March, I sent cards or letters to Brenda, Kelsey, Taylor, Janet (Birthday), Cindy and Michelle. 

Physical Health and Fitness:

Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably more!

I had a great exercise month.  I went to yoga 5 times, including a yoga mala.  I ran 12 times including 3 races — a 5K, 5 miler and 4 miler

Move my dumbbell weights up  from the basement and do at least 4 sets one exercise them daily!

2014-03-10 14.35.44


          Finally, I cleaned off the stand and brought dumbbells and bodybars upstairs.  Unfortunately I only              used them once this month.



Run a 5k in under 24 minutes and/or a 10k in under 50 minutes

Working on it!  My last race (4 miles) was at a 8:26 pace, and my running partner and I have begun to do some speed work.

Run a 10 miler or half marathon in 2014 (or better yet, one of each!) — see above!

Bench Press 4 reps at 75 lbs

Oh yeah, I have to get myself to the gym…

Participate in the annual Yoga Mala — The Mala was March 2.  It was greatyogamala

 Continue to eat a vegan diet, be more diligent about processed foods and restaurant food —Doing well on this one

Continue to cut out (or at least cut down on) use of plastic — Yes, but I still need to get more glass containers.

Floss my teeth daily — On track with this one too!


Mental and Spiritual Health:

Don’t fret over or complain about issues; either act to change it or accept it

This is one of those ongoing resolutions…baby steps…

Be grateful every day, keep a gratitude journal/Study more about the Law of Attraction and other philosophies/Meditate daily

I’ve combined these three into one as they are related.  Meditation and working with the law of attraction would go along nicely with the gratitude journal.  But I  only had 4 entries in my gratitude journal in March (that’s 100% more than February).  I need to make time to mediate.  I know that if I made the effort I would have the time to meditate, Hopefully I will develop the habit…


Hobbies, Leisure and Organization (yes, organization is a hobby of mine!):

See all the movies nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture (This was a resolution last year too, and it was fun to achieve!)

I saw Captain Phillips last year, and just recently I watched the Wolf of Wall Street.   Luckily they are all on DVD and pay-per-view now.

Consistently blog 2-3 times per week on personal blog.

11 posts in February!  The weekly Link Up that I am participating in certainly helps! 

Finish Kelsey’s High School scrapbook (she graduated in 2007!)

I need to get on this.  Let’s see, she graduated in 2007, 7 years ago this June!  I will make this a resolution to accomplish before the end of June 2014.

Organize my vegan recipe book —2014-03-10 14.48.24

Done!  It looks great.  I have a digital version all set up in sections as well as a hard copy!

Clean out unused items around the house (electronics, food, kitchen gadgets, make-up)

This project is going very well as I have recently begun a minimalist experiement to see if I can get rid of at least one thing a day.  I started at the end of March and I had rid myself of 24 things.  They are little things, but they weren’t adding value to my life.

I did great on my specific March resolutions!

  • Buy paint for bathroom and for basement steps — paint bought
  • Move my dumbbells upstairs — cleaned and moved to a prominent place upstairs
  • Organize my vegan recipe book — done and being used!

Since that went so well, I need to set up a few April resolutions:

  • Find a photographer for some photos for my website
  • Go through the CSS tutorial from Code Academy and WordPress
  • Paint bathroom and/or basement steps




  1. Wow, Grace! You are one well-organized gal! I’ve never seen anyone categorize their goals into life segments before! Cut yourself some slack. With a new puppy, I’m sure it’s hard to get much else done. Just like having a new baby! 🙂

    • graceyb says:

      Haha, you are sooo right. I feel like I have a new baby. I try not to ever have her out of my sight (which may be why we are finally getting trained) Luckily a puppy grows up a lot faster than a baby!

  2. crystalzakrison says:

    Good job on getting all your stuff done. I am trying to get more organized myself. Progress not perfection right. =)

  3. Wow! You sure to set the bar very high for yourself! Seems to me that you could take a breath now and again and give yourself a whole let of credit for completing as much as you have! Good on YOU! And I hope you don’t look upon uncompleted tasks a s a disappointment:) They aren’t…not in comparison with your done list!

    • graceyb says:

      No I don’t see the undone items as disappointments, just goals to try to get to this year, thanks!

  4. jankedonna says:

    I think checking in every month on how you are doing on your goals helps keep you focused. Good job.

  5. I see most of my goals in yours but mine are really jumpled up in typical male style. You are well in order there. Something to learn.

  6. Years ago I made a New Years Resolution not to make them anymore and I have stuck to it! I have a problem just sticking to one, I am impressed that you have so many! And you are actually putting an effort to accomplish what you set out to do – kudos to you! Keep up the good work.

    • graceyb says:

      Thanks, they are more like goals really or even an annual to do list! I find it helps keep me on track.

  7. ballnchainz says:

    This is Jay

    Wow you have a lot of resolutions/goals. I guess I’m just a go with the flow kind of person and i never set resolutions. Also I’m not that organized so maybe i should set some goals to keep me on the right track

  8. I love the way you list your goals and try to meet them but don’t get all bent out of shape when you don’t. Sounds like you’re a person I’d love to know.
    Keep setting those goals

    • graceyb says:

      Oh I definitely don’t take them too seriously! To quote Captain Jack Sparrow, “They are more like guidelines actually”!

  9. I can really relate to how organized you are :)

  10. OOOH you are really organized. You have along list and completed so many tasks ,Do not feel disappointed about the tasks that are still unfinished.
    I wish I can be that organized.
    Seems your dumbbells were not in prominent position before.This is one thing I like most , keep on changing position of stuff in my house.
    Nice to know that your recipe book is complete now.
    I hope your april resolution will also go well.

  11. Hi grace; I am impressed that you not only made specific resolutions for each month and then kept a journal or tracked your progress some other way to keep yourself accountable. I should follow your example. I’m also impressed that you planned goals for every aspect of a balanced life. good luck with next month and the rest of 2014, max

  12. This is great! I love your honesty. I want to do something similar to this. It helps keep you accountable and track your progress.

    • graceyb says:

      Last year I stopped tracking my goals after a few months, and no surprise, I let them fall away! I am going to keep tracking them this year and see how far I get!

  13. Aw, the bench marking of goals. I applaud your efforts and so appreciate that you know there are times you won’t meet them. One thing I would add is that you will most probably meet more them most because you’re doing what you are. 🙂

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