Life’s Mysteries, Challenges and High Heels

It’s Wednesday, time for this week’s Finish This!  By now you probably get the drift that this is a weekly Link up hosted by  Nicole (Three finishthis-small31), Lisa (The Coastal Chicster), Jen (The Arizona Russums), and Becky (The Java Mama).

Everyone can participate…Bloggers, join in answer the prompts and add your post to the link-up below. If you don’t have a blog, you can answer the prompts in a comment!


Prompts for WEEK #11 (March 19) are:


When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to … Books!  Regardless of what challenge life throws at me, new baby, changes in childhood behavior, divorce, needing to eat healthy, etc.  I turn to books!  I am a nerd at heart and I love browsing through book stores and reading.  (Although I have to admit that I mostly read on my kindle)


My next challenge is figuring out…I have two answers for this, one professional and one personal.  My next professional challenge is getting more involved with digital and social media advertising.  Obviously I am a big social media user, and I understand how the whole thing works, but now I am taking on buying social media advertising for my clients.  It isn’t hard, but it is a slight departure from what I have been doing for 25+ years!  However, I like to stay current and I like to stay busy, and so I am looking forward to this challenge.

As for my personal challenge, I am working on figuring out how I am going to retire (hopefully within 10 years) and have enough money to live a comfortable, active and long life.  And, hopefully, I will also be figuring out how to be a grandmother (not yet though).

More short term, my challenge will be to get some painting done in my house and clean out the basement.


I shake things up…OK I am boring, I really don’t shake things up, but I get out of my rut and routine by getting together with friends at least twice a month.


High heels are…Beautiful, sexy, painful, hard to walk in, taking up space in my closet, the cause of many women’s low back pain and foot problems…need I go on?  I enjoy my heels and I wear them occasionally, when I get dressed up.  I have learned to buy good (i.e.: expensive) shoes so as not to hurt my feet, but more often than not, I am in my comfortable shoes!


  1. You’re going to be a great grandmother …. when the time comes! I know my parents and grandmothers are over the moon with Kamden, they can’t get enough of our little guy. =)

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    Life’s Mysteries, Challenges and High Heels

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