Chocolate, St. Patrick’s Day, Boots and Gratitude

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Prompts for WEEK #9 (March 5) are:

My favorite comfort food is …

Chocolate, especially chocolate chip cookies!  Although now that I am trying to be more conscious about not eating hidden dairy, I switched to vegan dark chocolate and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

I have found a few recipes for vegan chocolate chip cookies, they are pretty good; and at the grocery store, I have found Lucy’s Gluten Free cookies.  They are nice and crunchy and vegan too!


My most memorable birthday was…

My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day, and so they all tend to be memorable as everyone is out partying!  But this morning I had a flash back to my 17th birthday when I got my license!  I remember I was wearing a denim jumpsuit with a red bandana (it was 1976 so bear with me!).  Another memorable birthday was when I was in college.  St. Patrick’s Day was a big celebration and the day started with Green Beer and pancakes at 6 in the morning!  Let’s see what this year brings.


The best karaoke song is…

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor


Boots make me feel…

Strong, Powerful and Warm!  I like books, tall boots, short boots, booties, snow boots (they’ve gotten a lot of wear this winter).  I pretty much wear boots all winter.  But about this time, I am looking forward to switching my boots for some sandals!!  Come on Spring…


I am grateful…

I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life.  My children, my relatives, my friends, co-workers, and for time spent with my dad.

A few months ago my father moved from his home in New Jersey to Maine to be close to me, and it’s been wonderful spending time with him.  Since he moved, he needed to find set up relationships with new doctors, and so I have been taking him to a myriad of doctor appointments.  It is amazing how many doctors one sees when they reach the age of 95!  And every doctor has an initial consultation appointment, sends him for some tests, and then has a follow up visit.  It seems that we go to some sort of appointment a few times each week!  Rather than get anxious about the time I am spending driving around and sitting in waiting rooms, I have committed to feeling grateful that we are spending time together.  We go to the various appointments and then go out to lunch.  So far we have enjoyed quite a few meals together!


  1. Mmmmm chocolate chip cookies!

  2. I love that you are getting to spend time with your father….you will never regret these days

  3. One day you will look back at these extra moments you now get to spend with you father, whether in a doctor’s office or out to lunch, and be very glad you had the opportunity to share these times with him. They go by too fast.

  4. I love finding different ways to enjoy our treats!
    Love your grateful – am so happy that you can spend so much time with your Dad now, especially when he is older.

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