Cramming for Fitness

Once again, I find myself cramming for my upcoming fitness events!

After laying low and not doing too much in the line of running or yoga for the past month or so I have signed up for a bunch of events in March.  On Sunday, March 2 I am participating in my 3rd annual Yoga Mala — 3 hours, 108 sun salutations, basically a yoga marathon!  Thn on Friday, Mar 5 I signed up for my yoga studio’s Rock of Ages Groove class.  An hour an a half class to the music of Def Leopard, AC/DC — you name it!  Also in March, I have two 5K races one on March 8 and the other on March 29 as part of the Smuttynose, Will Run for Beer series.  These should be doable on my minimal training as they are only 3.1 miles.  And lastly on March 16 is the annual St. Paddy’s Day 5 miler.  Last year this was a tough race for me as once again I hadn’t been training through the winter!  (You would think I’d learn).

So what have I done to train?  Besides shoveling?  Well I have been eating well and I do get enough sleep, but as far as fitness…

Thus far in February, I’ve been skiing, I’ve run 3-4 miles once each week (4x so far this month), and I’ve been to 2 yoga classes this week and I plan to make 2-3 more before the yoga mala.

I ran a very messy 4 miles on Thursday and hope to run tomorrow and at least once or twice during the upcoming week, and then again once or twice the week prior to the first 5K

As you can see, I’m not too hard on myself!  I should really write a post on how NOT to train.  Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to reading of your success in your upcoming fitness events! 🙂

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