A Spring-Like Run

It was 45 degrees this afternoon so I laced up my running shoes and headed out before the next polar vortex comes.

It was glorious after the cold and snow that we have been experiencing (and will experience again as soon as tomorrow!)…well the weather was glorious, the run was tough and very messy!  It was tough because I haven’t been running much at all this winter (due to the aforementioned weather).  It was messy because the sidewalks were snow and slush covered and the streets were full of puddles!  I figure that while I didn’t do anything for my speed, I did work on agility and balance and I tried to get traction in the snow and leaped (or is it leapt?) over puddles!

But I did manage to achieve on of my goals, I got my ugly, too bright and shinny running shoes nice and dirty.

They look (a little) less gaudy now!

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