Finish This – Week 5

 If it’s Wednesday, it must be time for this week’s Finish This!finishthis-small

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1. I will never outgrow …

Rock ‘n Roll  



2. I splurge on …

Oh that’s an easy one — Makeup and skin care products!  And now that I’m switching to non-toxic products, I get to buy everything all over again!  I also splurge on buying organic food whenever possible, although I don’t think of this as splurging, rather it is investing in my long term health!

3. My worst habit is…

Ha!  I have several, I don’t know if it is my worst or just the one I am most aware of right now, but I would have to say my worst habit is procrastination, followed by biting my nails.

4. My passport represents …

Exciting new places!  Unfortunately there haven’t been many lately, but I renewed my passport a few years ago for a trip to Italy with my daughter.


We went to Rome, Venice and Milan and had a wonderful time, and took some nice photos too!


 5. My most ridiculous fear is…

I wouldn’t say I have a fear of flying, more like a strong apprehension.  I know all the data, it’s safer than driving, blah, blah, blah; but I still get a bit nervous when I am getting on the plane and while we are taking off (and landing), other than that, I’m good.  And truthfully, I wouldn’t call this ridiculous at all!


6. My favorite thing to give is

I’m assuming we aren’t talking about giving advise, but rather presents…

I used to like to give books, but the world is changing and truthfully I don’t even buy books for myself anymore.  I just download them to my Kindle.  Let’s see I give different things for different occasions and/or people.

For Christmas gifts, I enjoy giving really different ornaments and decorations.  But if the person doesn’t have a house or apartment, I like to give an Amazon gift card.  Slightly more personal than cash, and they can use it for anything!  For birthdays, I like to find something useful but something they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves and this really depends on the person.  Typically for “hostess gifts” I go with a nice bottle of wine!  So I guess it is pretty obvious that I don’t have one favorite thing to give (other than advise)


Now it’s your turn. Answer these prompts in a post on your own blog or, if you do not have a blog, simply add your responses in a comment. Join us next Wednesday, February 12 for another round of Finish This where we’ll answer the prompts below!


Prompts for WEEK #6 (Feb 12) are:
1. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by
2. My heart goes pitter-patter for
3. When looking for romance, my best advice is
4. My favorite love story (real or fiction) is
5. The best relationship/love/dating advice I ever received was



  1. Books are the BEST gift to give and receive!!!!!

    • I do like them because you can really personalize the gift based on the person’s interests. I may have to go back to giving them…

  2. My son in law is so afraid of flying that the family flew to Hawaii and he stayed home. The wife booked their vacation on a train this year.

  3. I STILL give books… especially to children! Books will never be passe…I hope!!!

    Now to the prompts:

    1. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by – I don’t!

    2. My heart goes pitter-patter for – kittens, puppies, Bradly Cooper

    3. When looking for romance, my best advice is – I don’t think you’ll find a person on the planet who can tell you that I gave them good “looking for romance” advice 🙂 I have difficulty finding it myself!

    4. My favorite love story (real or fiction) is – Atlas Shrugged 🙂

    5. The best relationship/love/dating advice I ever received was – careful what you agree to do at the onset. It will be your chore forever!

    • I LOVED Atlas Shrugged! And your response to #5 is right on!! For me, I never, ever learned to work the lawn mower!!

  4. What a great idea! My favorite thing to give is encouragement! 🙂

  5. I’d have to say my worst habit is being too hard on myself. My favorite love story is that of me and my husband 🙂

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