Checking in with those New Year’s Resolutions

January has come and gone, and with the TWO “Polar Vortexes” we had this year I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!  But, with the end of the month it is time to check in with my 2014 Resolutions:

Here are the ones I have accomplished or am making progress on:

Learn the basics of coding and learn to build a website either through an on-line tutorial or through a physical class

I did an online introduction to HTML course through Code Academy and I learned quite a bit.  But I am not done learning yet!

Train my new puppy

We’re working on it, although I’m not sure who is getting trained, her or ME!

Visit with my (grown) children at least every 6 weeks

I have a visit planned with Kelsey for mid-February.

Get together with at least 2 friends each month

I love this resolution, I was close in January I managed to get together with one friend two different times.

Write 52 letters in 52 weeks

In January, I sent letters to Kelsey, Aida, and Barb; and birthday cards to Laura, Michelle, Shirley.

Participate in the annual Yoga Mala

I signed up, the event is in March, now to get myself to yoga class to prepare…

Continue to eat a vegan diet, be more diligent about processed foods and restaurant food

I’ve started calling ahead to restaurants and asking if the chef would prepare something with vegetables and no dairy, so far so good; the two meals I have had have been wonderful!

Continue to cut out (or at least cut down on) use of plastic

I bought some more glass containers and I’ve been using them almost exclusively

Floss my teeth daily

Yes!  I’ve probably flossed my teeth 25 days out of 30 this month, so far so good!

Consistently blog 2-3 times per week on personal blog.

So far so good, 11 posts in January

And the ones that still need work!

Post at least twice a month on my professional blog, Grace’s Rantings  (oops, it’s been 5 months!!  I just had to take a quick break from this list to write a post!)

Update my website

Paint my downstairs bathroom (I’ve had the color picked out for 2 years!)

Paint my basement steps

Take Kelsey to NYC over the holidays (I have time on this one…)

Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably more!  Not even close…

Move my dumbbell weights up  from the basement and do at least 4 sets one exercise them daily! — again not even close.  I managed to get 2 body bars and 1 weighted ball upstairs and I used them a few times

Run a 5k in under 24 minutes and/or a 10k in under 50 minutes (I never got to these last year) — I signed up for a Spring race series so I had better get working on this!

Run a 10 miler or half marathon in 2014 (or better yet, one of each!)

Bench Press 4 reps at 75 lbs — I’ve begun to do some heavier strength training

Don’t fret over or complain about issues; either act to change it or accept it — working on it

Be grateful every day, keep a gratitude journal — I started this in Evernote, so I would be able to easily enter thoughts, but I’m thinking a nice leather bound journal might lend itself more to mediation and be less about jotting down a quick thought.

Study more about the Law of Attraction and other philosophies

Meditate daily — see above post about a gratitude journal.

See all the movies nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture — Well to be honest, not very many sound interesting to me, so I may skip this one this year!

Finish Kelsey’s High School scrapbook (she graduated in 2007!)

Organize my vegan recipe book

Clean out unused items around the house (electronics, food, kitchen gadgets, make-up)  This may be a long project…I have tossed out some things, but really nothing major

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