Finish This — Week 4: Green Thumb, Organization and Gentlemen

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Prompts for week Four (Wednesday, January 27):  

I use my “green thumb” to Putter around in my perennial garden!  Two years ago, I had a useless patch of grass dug up and a perennial garden planted (If I really had a green thumb, I would have planted the garden myself, but after years of thinking about it, I realized that I wasn’t going to do it, and so I had a landscaper design and plant the garden.)  But I keep up with the garden, weeding, transplanting, even adding a few plants.  Last summer it was beautiful, flowers kept blooming all season.

2013-07-15 09.52.42

  The secret to life is Ha!  If I only knew the answer to this one!!  OK, let’s give it a try, based on my limited view of the world, I would say that the secret to life is to love ad be loved and to be healthy.  Love can be the love of a parent, spouse, lover, friend or even the love of a puppy (sorry, I was going to try to answer this week’s prompts without mentioning my puppy!) And Healthy refers to healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I get my money’s worth by Hmmm, do I get my money’s worth?  I try to shop around for lower prices, but typically I end up buying things when I see them.  I do shop the sale racks when I am looking for clothes (and shoes), but sometimes I buy the stuff that isn’t on sale too!  I figure if I pay full price for 1 thing and then get 2 or 3 items on sale, it averages out to a good price!  I don’t buy in bulk, because I don’t have a family living at home so half my groceries would go to waste. Maybe this should be one of my New Year’s Resolutions (hey, it’s still January), I should shop around more for the best value, and maybe even join BJ’s (no Costco near me) to buy non perishables at a lower cost.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is This is an easy one 9.5!  I am very, very organized.  The only reason I didn’t give myself a 10 is that there is always room for improvement.

A gentleman always

Oh, everything that comes to mind is so cliche and sounds so old-fashioned!  A gentleman always puts the toilet seat down, opens the door for a lady, pays for dinner….I saw a great post on Nicole’s blog listing the rules for a gentleman, what do you think?

I guess what it comes down to is that a gentleman is always polite, and always treats a woman with respect.  He doesn’t look down on her, nor puts her on a pedestal, like a prized possession; but rather he gives her attention, listens to her when she speaks, helps her out when she needs help, and generally regards her as an equal.  (And opens the door for her!)


Handwritten notes are

Terrific!  I love writing (and sending) cards and letters to my friends and family.  I don’t expect them to send them back, but I enjoy knowing that they will get a little surprise in the mail.  As a matter of fact, it was Nicole, (one of the originators of the Finish This  link-up) who introduced me to the 52 Weeks, 52 Letters project.  And now I do it every year!

In this day of e-mail, text messaging it is rare to get a personal letter in the mail.  I enjoy sitting down and writing a note to a friend.  It is almost like we are visiting over a cup of tea!


  1. Oh your green thumb is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had that skill, but it seems everything I touch dies in a matter of days! Luckily we have landscapers who keep our yard looking gorgeous!
    I love your answer for the gentleman as well! It’s so important to have that respect for others! When you have respect you do all of the things that make you a gentleman!
    So happy to have found this link up! I love reading everyone’s responses!

    • Thanks Elizabeth, I have found that you really need to water the garden OFTEN!! This year I got one of those flexible hoses (the kind that are light and shrink into a tiny space), and I found that made it much, much easier to water because it wasn’t a huge chore to put away the hose!

  2. WOW, your landscaping looks amazing!!!!!! Good luck with the 52 letters project, I’m such a slacker and failure compared to you. HA!!!

  3. I received a handwritten thank you note from a new aquaintance for inviting her to a ladies lunch in my home a couple weeks ago. It reminded me how lovely it is to get such a note. I made a new promise to myself to write at least one note each month this year. That reminds me…it’s the 29th and I only have 2 days left to write one for this month! LOL @For what it’s worth-jeannie

    • Get on it! I bought some Valentine’s Day cards and I am going to send them to some friends who I don’t see often!

  4. What great answers, especially your gentleman always!

  5. The picture of your landscaping is amazing! I loved everything you had to say about a gentleman!

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