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OK, I was seriously upstaged last week by bloggers who had clever posts and lots of great photos.  I’ll try to get a little more creative this week!  Bloggers if you want to join in the fun Check the link-up link below to add your post and read other bloggers’ Finish This… posts.


Prompts for Week Two (January 15)

Tree at Newcastle--Summer




1. If I could make anything grow on trees, it would be…

Well the obvious answer would be — money, the altruistic answer would be — enough food to feed the world, or world peace, but that sounds like I am a beauty contest contestant!  What would I like?…

I would like a new fashionable wardrobe every season, complete with fabulous (and comfortable) shoes.  That would be cool, a tree that blooms twice a year and provides fall/winter and sprint/summer clothing (and shoes)!  No more searching for a great pair of jeans or black boots.  No more standing in front of the closet trying to put together a great outfit with outdated pieces!

I would also like to see my (grown) kids more often.  They live in another state, so if I could make them grow on the tree outside my house, and conversely make myself grow on a tree near them that would be great — sort of like being transported to their door at will!



2. I can’t stop smiling…When I look  at my adorable puppy!  2013-12-29 11.14.14

I know, I keep talking about her, but she is soooo adorable.  I don’t even mind getting up at 5:00, because when she wakes me up and I hug her she is such a love!  Her name is Shakira and she is a Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix.  Some fun facts…Did you know that the Shih Tzu was originally a mix between the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso?  And the Pekingese (names from the ancient city of Peking) were considered sacred dogs and semi-devine.  They could only be owned by Chinese royalty, and the people had to bow to them. Unfortunately when an emperor died, his Pekingese was sacrificed so that the dog could go with him to give protection in the afterlife. In 1860 the British overtook the Chinese Imperial Palace. Chinese Imperial Guards were ordered to kill the little dogs to prevent them from falling into the hands of the “foreign devils.” Five of the Pekingese survived and were given to Queen Victoria. It was from these five dogs that the modern day Pekingese descended. (source:

3. I get back to nature by…

Walking or running outside.

4. I dread washing…Sweaters by hand!

The actual washing is a pain because my hands get cold, but even worse is trying to squeeze the excess water out of the sweater so it will dry in a reasonable amount of time.  Then the fun of walking around the sweaters that are lying about all over the floor drying.  I might need one of these,  they are stackable too!




Prompts for WEEK THREE (Wednesday, January 22):

1. A typical day in my life
2. You’ll never see me
3. It’s really unattractive when a guy/girl
4. If I could buy one thing right now, it would be
5. I have high expectations for


  1. Grace, you are the original Thesaurus Rex of information and humanity. As they say…dogs have friends…cats have staff…and Gracies have the humanity of it all.
    Thank God you didn’t name the pup…Sushi of Szech-Juanita.

  2. Shakira is adorable!!!!!!!

  3. This is a great post. I love your idea about clothes growing on trees, I’m either losing mine or ruining them in the wash – which explains point 4 brilliantly.
    Your dog is amazing 🙂

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