2013 Resolutions Recap

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s time for my annual look back at my resolutions and see which of them I acheived, which I abandoned and which still need some work.  So here goes:

This year, I set out to see the positive in every situation; not to fret over or complain about things but rather to change them or accept them.

I did fairly well with this resolution.  I looked to the positive in most situations.  I still could use quite a bit of work though on the change or accept situations though!

Procrastinate less, or to put it positively, use my time productively

This is another ongoing resolution that needs constant work, but  I think I moved in the direction of using my time more  productively this year.  I certainly read a lot more and managed to get everything done that I wanted to get done.

Chronicle the good from the year by keeping a jar of good things that occur during 2013

I kept this jar of good things this year, and I’m looking forward to going through it in a few days as a chronicle of my year

See all of the movies nominated for the best picture Academy Awards (and see the new Star Trek movie)

I saw a lot of movies this year.  Of the ones nominated for the Academy Awards in 2013, I saw:  Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Life of Pi and I did see Star Trek Into Darkness!  I also saw Identity Thief, The Heat (HYSTERICAL), Gatsby, Captain Phillips, Ender’s Game We are the Millers, and Jobs-  WOW, that’s a lot of movies for me!

See some plays

This year I saw a few plays at The Ogunquit Playhouse: The Rat Pack is Back, Ballroom with a Twist, West Side Story, Young Frankenstein.  I also saw Spamalot (HYSTERICAL) at the Boothbay Playhouse, and Sweeney Todd at The Seacoast Repertory Theater (The Rep).

Go to some concerts  — no I didn’t get to this one.

Take more photos during the year

While I took a lot more photos on my phone, I hardly took any on my actual camera!

Go Skiing and Take a family trip (even if it is only a weekend)

I did take a weekend ski trip with my kids to Sugarbush in Vermont.  The weather and snow conditions weren’t great but we had a fun time!

Go Ice Skating

Well this one should have been easy as Portsmouth was discussing building a temporary out door ice skating rink in historic Strabery Banke (that’s the right spelling).  However, town politics have slowed this process down.  Maybe next year?

Practice yoga at least twice a week, preferably 10 times a month.

For most of the year I kept this resolution.  Things fell apart in the fall and I didn’t manage to get to yoga on a regular basis.  But I kept going back and I will continue into the new year.

I also set a specific yoga goal, to be able to sit with my legs at a 90 degree angle and touch my chest to the floor or to put it in yoga terms, Upavistha Konasana

I didn’t achieve this goal, however I did gain a lot more flexibility throughout the year!  Perhaps if I had been more regular in my yoga practice….

I also set a specific running goal to: Run a 5k in under 24 minutes and/or a 10k in under 50 minutes

This fell by the wayside as I didn’t run any 5k or 10k races this year.  As a matter of fact I didn’t do much running at all.  I started off the year training for a spring-time half marathon.  Given the cold and the snow, my training wasn’t very strong and then I had a physical ailment that required rest and so I didn’t run the race.  After that, I hardly got back into running at all.  Here’s a goal for 2014!

Do 20 push ups at once (full push ups)

They weren’t pretty, but I did them!!  Yeah  me!

Increase savings over last year

Yes, even with the total overspend at Christmas, I managed to save a lot more this year.

Turn off lights when leaving a room and  turn off water when not in use (brushing teeth, washing dishes)

I managed to be much more conscious of turning off lights and water, and my electric and water bill went down 2013.

Update all my personal addresses and phone numbers into one master list — Done! 

Sync all my personal and business calendars to one electronic calendar — Done!

But I haven’t begun to actually use the calendar on my phone for my appointments, I still have a paper calendar, perhaps in 2014.

Redo my passwords  — Done! (but now it is probably time to do them again!)

Consistently blog 2-3 times per week on personal blog, and 2-3 times per month on my professional blog; Expand the topics of my blogs; Increase visits to my blogs

For the most part, I blogged frequently on my personal blog (this one).  My professional blog sort of fell by the wayside.  I will have to get back to that one in 2014.  But, for this blog, I kept up with posting and I even moved it over to a self hosted site and gave it a fresh look (I think so anyway, feel free to make suggestions!)

Learn how to make a website — No, I didn’t get to this one 🙁

All in all a good year.  Now to think about 2014….Stay tuned!


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