More Motivation!

This morning, my son ran his first half marathon.   He just recently picked up running and trained for this race which was in Richmond, Virginia.  I was thinking about him and I decided that rather than just think of him, I should give him positive energy by getting out and running too.  Granted I only ran 4 miles, but it was 4 more than I would have run if I hadn’t done it for him!

I hardly ever run with my I-pod, because I mostly run with my running partner.  But she was away, so I brought my I-pod.  Unfortunately it ran out of charge about half a mile into the run, uggh.  Sooo, I was left to  my own thoughts!  I decided that I really do like to run, but it is really hard to get motivated to get dressed, lace up my shoes and JUST DO IT!

I kept coming back to a poster that is hanging up at the gym.  I don’t know who first said this, and I may be paraphrasing but here goes:

No one who goes out for a run, upon finishing, wishes they stayed home.

No one who goes to the gym and works out, afterward wishes they stayed home.

No one who climbs a mountain to get to the top, looks around and says, “I wish I just stayed home”!


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