A New Workout at A New Gym

Since I haven’t been to my gym for a few weeks, due mainly to lack of motivation (although I used the excuse that I was too busy), I thought that perhaps it was time for a change of venue.

And so I picked  myself up this morning and went to a local gym, Seacoast Sports Club to which I had belonged a few years ago.  What a refreshing change!  I enjoyed my workout.  I used the free weights, even did some bench presses and deadlifts.

Of course I wore shoes and did quite a bit less weight!

I’m looking forward to more great workouts at the gym, not only do they have a lot of free weights (and machines), they also have a bunch of classes that look fun, maybe I’ll check some of them out in the coming weeks.



  1. I do love what a good gym has to offer, especially the classes. If only they could inject motivation into the mix and into me… LOL.

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