Archives for September 18, 2013

An Unbalanced Wheel Won’t Turn

And an Unbalanced Life Won’t Function

I have written some on the importance of keeping our life in balance in prior posts, and for the most part I do manage to achieve balance in my life.  However, I have been pulled strongly in several directions over the past few weeks and I am feeling very out of sync!

I like to think of a healthy existence as one in which all aspects of our lives are in balance; exercise, health and nutrition, family relationships, friendships, work, etc.  (Add other categories that are important to you such as education, hobbies, sports activities, spirituality, etc.)   We can think of a balanced life almost like points on a circle or a wheel:

 Balance graphic


When our lives are balanced, all aspects exert an equal pressure and the circle is round—the wheel rolls smoothly.  When any one (or two) area(s)  of our lives require too much attention, for too long, it exerts too much pull on the circle making it lopsided and the wheel won’t turn!


All this is to offer an explanation as to why I haven’t been exercising, nor blogging nor paying too much attention to friends lately!  I have been insanely busy with work (no complaints here, just an observation), and with family matters.

However, as both this situations are temporary, I am hoping to get back into a routine and round out my circle once again!