The Protein Myth

I’ve written a little on protein, how we only need 0.8 gm of protein per kilogram of body weight (weight in lbs. divided by 2.2 x 0.8), and that there are excellent non meat sources of protein.

But still, the most common response I get when I say I don’t eat meat is, “How do you get your protein”.  I have finally found a terrific response:

Did you know that the strongest animal in the world is vegetarian?



Enough said!

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  1. Absolutely enough said….. There are so many ways to get protein into your diet without eating meat. 🙂

  2. very true, we need so little protein.

    • It is amazing how we cling to these false bits of nutrition advise we were told in our youth, yet ignore the new research about protein, dairy and meat!

  3. Hi, do you have a facebook fan page. I don’t like RSS feed because I get so much mail. I like facebook for my reader or maybe bloglovin. I will bookmark you on my bookmarks for now though. I really like your points. I need to get back into health. Do you have an exercise channel on Youtube? Thanks.

  4. Am not a meat eater either. And there is no need to because the best source of protein is alfalfa bean sprouts.

    • I will have to look into alfalfa sprouts, I must admit that I eat them when they are on a sandwich, but I haven’t attempted to grow them or even buy them…yet.

  5. Well said!
    I am always looking for good sources of protein and clicked on your link. I have been thinking about adding quinoa for a while now and think you have just spurred me on again 🙂

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