Juicing — More Benefits

You’ve read about how I love juicing.  The following post was written by my daughter, Kelsey and offers some more insight into the benefits of juicing

If you have worked juicing into your diet consistently, you’ve probably already noticed a change in your body.  That’s because raw foods hold more nutrients than cooked food and eating a nutrient rich diet is better and more effective than fat-free, low-calorie, low carbohydrates, and other trendy and exclusionary attempts to lose weight.

Using a technique known as Kirlian Photography, nutritionists have captured the difference in life force between a piece of broccoli that was steamed broccoli(left) and a piece of broccoli that is a raw, “living” organism.  The life force or energy emanating from the raw broccoli is significantly more than the cooked, even though it was only steamed for two minutes!

“Great,” you think, “raw broccoli, that sounds delicious.” —  Don’t sass me yet!  You already know how to juice raw fruits and vegetables together to make a great tasting liquid packed with energy and nutrition (here is just one delicious recipe). Now you can discover how to make solid meals from raw foods and healthy, crunchy and satisfying snacks; ladies and gentleman it is time to invest in a dehydrator.

You can use a dehydrator to make your own banana chips, kale chips (delicious and rather expensive when you buy them already prepared), raw breads, and more. degydratorDehydrators range in price from $40 – $400 depending on your needs.

Checkout this recipe for raw vegan falafel with lemon garlic aioli!


  1. This is something I haven’t tried before or looked into. It will be interesting to see if this type of eating will catch on with more people.

    • Susan, while I try to make and drink a juice each day, I haven’t gotten into raw food cooking. But I have been to a few restaurants where they serve raw food entrees and they are delicious!

  2. This is great. I’ve read so many articles and watched several docs on juicing. I need to dig much deeper and really dive into this lifestyle for sure. Oh, I’m visiting from the LinkedIN BHB group! 🙂

  3. I’ve been hearing a lot about this and I’m curious to learn more, but intimidated by how much work and rethinking it will take. There have been some great studies done on the longevity this way of eating brings to us, so I know it’s worth investigating.

    • Other than salads or carrot sticks, I don’t know anything about raw foods either. But it seems like it is a good idea to add some raw foods into our diet.

  4. Juicing is great for those who like doing it. I have found the sick or the elderly have a hard time doing this (both the juicing work and the digesting can be issues), and the young couldn’t care less (they just want to eat what they like). Personally, I like eating raw kale every now and then.

  5. I just bought a juicer a few weeks ago and I’m loving it! I was eating so many raw vegetables, I was having stomach issues! Juicing has been a good way to fix that 🙂

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