Have you tried Bikram Yoga?

Following is a guest post written by Kelsey Duke (my daughter) who is a Bikram yoga proponent.  Her experience makes me strongly consider going back to Bikram yoga!

I find myself in the hot room for the first time in over six months, after half a year of inconsistent workouts and trips to the gym. I recently started a new job that requires long hours, happy hours, and fancy dinners that drag on for hours. When I walk in, the heat hits me as soon as I walk in but my brain has been here before, instantly it seeks to shut off the panic mechanism, “you’re okay, this is what you need.”

I lay my mat down strategically in the middle of the room since I’m not new but I’m not entirely ready for this. When class begins with breathing exercises I notice that my breath has become more shallow, my stomach looser and my knees wobbly. “Oh no,” I think to myself. Then “just breathe, you made it to class just do what you can,” a mantra echoed by the yoga teacher.


Then an amazing thing happens, muscle memory. My postures come back, with more balance than before and almost the same depth. My mind is already trained to focus on breathing, listen to the teacher’s constant stream of instruction, and focus my attention and thus all my energy on myself.

When I started this class I thought it would be a good supplement to my workouts, a nice stretch, another way to burn calories. But as I leave with my wet towel and heavy mat, I’m reminded why I need to practice Bikram Yoga more. My mind is clear, my face is radiant, my energy is new and positive thoughts come easily.

For the first time in months my entire being is calm. The worrisome cycle of thoughts, the restless legs, the rash decisions are gone, replaced with a natural, easy peace. “This is why I love it,” I think to myself, “this is how I come to know peace.”


  1. I’ve never tried any yoga before. There are so many kinds out there. How do you know which is best?

    • Most yoga studios offer an introductory package for new students. Your best bet is to try a few different studios and see which style you like best!

  2. I have always thought that yoga would be good for me. After reading this, it reminds that I need to take action and look for a good place to start yoga. A clam mind would be worth it for sure. 🙂

  3. I have yet to try this type of exercise. I think I would like it more than aerobic exercise.

  4. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Bikram yoga yet. I love my Hatha yoga and feel completely off balance (pardon the pun) when I don’t get to do it. Yoga does such a wonderful job of getting both the body and mind in shape.

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