Try Pen and Paper!

pen-and-paperAs you may know, I am a firm believer in sending hand writing letters to friends, relatives and business associates. 

I even make it a new year’s resolution to send a card or letter each week

Peter ScottToday I’d like to present a guest post from Peter Scott Stringham.  Peter is a Certified Law of Attraction facilitator and teacher of prosperity, neuro-linguistic programming, goal setting and true success.  You can find out more about Peter Scott and his workshops here:

Peter has written a great post on the value of writing things down by hand.

“When we take the time to write by hand, we engage in a more reflective mode of thinking, the first requirement of greater creativity.”

Richard Restak

I invite you to take something you have been typing regularly and try hand writing it instead.  Preferable, it should be something that draws on your creative, right brained side.  Some possibilities:

  • a business plan
  • creative writing- a story about something that happened in your life perhaps
  • a blog post (to be typed in later)
  • a letter to a friend or relative (remember those?)
  • the book you are working on (Steven King, John le Carre and JK Rowling are among the authors who do all their writing by hand)
  • journaling

Neurologist and author Richard Restak says that writing longhand forces you to think more deeply and calmly about what you are trying to say.   “When we take time to write (by hand),” Resak has written, “we engage in a more reflective mode of thinking, the first requirement of greater creativity.”

When I am writing, I feel a glow in my chest, warmth that comes from having tapped into my divine-Self.  Writing is the gateway to a world of thoughts that I never knew were inside of me.  It feels so good to write I don’t know why I’ve done so little of it these past few years.

I’ve resolved to connect myself back up to my joy by writing daily once again.  By hand.  And producing my newsletter weekly and blogging regularly (heck, Seth Godin does it and has hardly missed a day in years).

And yes, I hand wrote this posting before typing it.  Felt great.


  1. It’s my goal one day to write a novel longhand. About once a month I sit down and write a blog post out, edit, make a bunch of scribbles on the paper and then type it out. There is a visceral feel when putting pen to paper, a connectedness that simply cannot be recreated using a computer thingy. 😉

  2. I relate to this. When I take the time to write something out by hand, I am able to focus more easily on what it is I’ve tasked myself to do. This is encouraging me to consider writing things our more by hand instead of the almighty keyboard. 🙂

    • And I found that I had to slow down because I had all but forgotten how to write! I have to take my time for form my cursive letters!

  3. I write my blog posts in a book and type it up later. I started writing down my prayers/thanks in my journal last year and it is greatly rewarding. I love your website and a lot of your topics like yoga, law of attraction etc. are topics of interest to me and topics that I write about.

    • I like that idea of writing down my prayers/thanks. I will give that a try. It seems far more thoughtful than just rattling off a litiney in my head. Thanks for the tip

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