Crazy New England Weather

True to form, New England weather is insane.  Over the weekend (Memorial Day Weekend that is), the weather was March-like.  Low 50’s, rainy and very, very windy.  As a matter of fact in Northern Vermont and NH it actually snowed several inches!  Killington reopened for a few diehards.  I turned my heat back on.

But that was over the weekend.  Today. Thursday, it is 87 degrees!  …  And, I thought it would be a good day for a run.

I haven’t been running for 2 weeks as I was resting a very sore Achilles tendon.  So the long rest period, combined with the outrageous heat made for a very, very difficult 3 miles!  (if it even was 3 miles, it felt like 8!)

I have a funny feeling that the air conditioner will be going on tonight!


  1. Shish!!! I so understand. We have swing like that to here is NorCal. I haven’t’ been walking as I should so as it was with your 3-ish miles that was how my first mile felt. I do hope the weather starts make sense soon. 🙂

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