Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

Following is a guest post from a fellow blogger, Mike Manning.   Mike is a fitness and living healthy enthusiast (don’t you love that!).  For more of Mike’s thoughts, check out his blog, Manning Musings.  

Travel Well, Be Fit

Travel takes a toll on our bodies. Eating in restaurants, feeling stressed and missing our fitness routines all have negative impacts on our health. Then, when we return home, we’re too out-of-shape to enjoy our favorite workouts.  Boost your energy, lift your mood and maintain your fitness level with these tips for adding exercise to your travel itinerary.

From stretching on the plane to taking a walking tour of your destination or unwinding in your hotel’s pool or fitness center, there are plenty of opportunities to squeeze working out into your busy days away from home. Skip moving sidewalks and elevators; opt for stairs whenever possible. Walk to business meetings instead of hailing taxis. Have lunch in a local park, then go for a walk or take your children to the playground.

Exercising in your hotel room is another great option. Load your favorite workouts onto your laptop for easy access, choosing routines that require minimal equipment. Resistance bands are especially portable, so throw one into your suitcase.  Invest in collapsible travel weights that can be filled with water at your destination or improvise by lifting canned goods or small pieces of luggage. Even a hotel towel can be used for resistance or stretching exercises.

When booking your trip, ask about fitness options. Make sure to research running trails, nearby sports complexes and in-house amenities. The New York Times reports that health-conscious travelers are increasingly focused on hotel fitness offerings, booking rooms in facilities that play host to their favorite name-brand gyms. Hotels are seeking new ways to accommodate these travelers, providing personal trainers, classes and upgraded facilities. USA Today reports that some hotels are even transforming guest rooms into workout-themed suites and providing guests with in-room exercise equipment kits.  Wherever you are headed make sure to do some research before traveling. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a hotel with a 24-hour fitness center because I did some due diligence on a travel reviews site. This site gave me a list of San Francisco hotels and from there I was able to see which ones had the best gyms. This was invaluable for my overall experience of the trip because I did not have to change my workout routine.

Airports, too, are catering to fitness-conscious travelers. Amenities like mapped-out walking paths and yoga rooms are popping up in terminals across the country and, according to the Huffington Post, the trend is taking hold overseas as well. Travelers in Switzerland’s Zurich Airport can rent bikes, skates and Nordic walking sticks to pass the time between flights, while at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Korea, they can skate at an indoor artificial-ice rink.

Traveling doesn’t mean taking a vacation from your commitment to health and fitness. Take advantage of the fitness options offered by airports and hotels and find ways to squeeze in some extra physical activity throughout your trip. 


  1. It really is hard to stay on track while traveling for many reason. These are great tips and I will keep them in mind for my upcoming trips. 🙂

  2. Great tips. I used to travel a lot in my job and it wrecked me until I started getting out and about. Rather than sitting in my hotel room and working endlessly on my computer, I started going for walks around my “new” city. Not only did it get me into better shape, but I could actually think better too.

  3. Great post–I had NO idea that hotels might offer a fitness kit. Great idea! And I certainly didn’t know some airports had yoga rooms–now that I would totally go for when I’m stressed out from travelling. I need to keep my eyes open and do a little research about this for the next time I go on a business trip. Thanks!

  4. I’m with Bethanny! I would love to go a yoga room while waiting for a flight… Hate flying maybe it would stop me from setpping on and off the plane 4 times before actually deciding it really is the best thing to stay on it and just go! lol

  5. Great tips! I almost always fall off track while traveling! I learned some new stuff here!

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