I Want What I Want and I Want it to Be Good for Me!


There is a new study, paid for by the National Confectioners Association that states that:

1.)    “Frequency of candy consumption was not associated with the risk of obesity, overweight/obesity, elevated waist circumference, elevated skinfold thickness, blood pressure, low density lipoprotein (LDL) or high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, or insulin resistance.”

2.)    “Increased frequency of candy consumption among adults in the United States was not associated with objective measures of adiposity or select cardiovascular risk factors, despite associated dietary differences.”

Come on people!!  Don’t get me wrong, personally I LOVE chocolate, but I don’t pretend that it is good for me (even dark chocolate).

We are a society that wants what it wants and doesn’t want any consequences.  I want to eat candy and I don’t want it to be bad for me, and voila! Here is a study that supports that very notion.  When looking at research that seems contradictory, the most important thing to consider is, who has paid for the study?

We really can’t blame the National Confectioners Association; they have an economic interest in encouraging people to eat candy.  As long as refined sugar and food coloring is legal. Sugar manufacturers have a right to try to sell their products.  (Same is true with tobacco, as long as it is a legal product, we can’t fault tobacco companies for selling cigarettes)

But what is clear to me is that we need to take control of our own health by using our own common sense.  Does it make sense that candy, (basically 100% sugar with no nutritional value), would NOT be contributing to this country’s overweight epidemic and all its consequences?

Does it make sense that inhaling smoke ????????????????????????????????????????????????? (you know the stuff that kills people in a house fire), WOULDN”T be bad for you?


Does it make sense that drinking cow’s milk (the hormone laden breast milk of another mammal whose sole purpose is to grow a baby calf to a full sized cow weighing 2 tons in a short period of time) could possibly be a good idea?  Feel free to see some of the stats on dairy here.


  1. Yeah I get this. There is a saying “All things in moderation”. However, there are some things that should not be included in that statement such as smoking. 🙂

  2. Trite phrase of the day… We want our cake and to eat it too. The sad part is we tend to live by “I want” instead of “I should.” It is kinda like old men and speedos, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  3. Food is a drug. This is something I heard about on the Dr. Oz show. That explains why it’s hard for some people to stay away from the very thing that is ruining their health and happiness! Great article Grace.

    • And sugar activates the same brain centers a cocaine and heroine!

    • And sugar activates the same centers in our brain as cocaine and heroine. But we really shouldn’t deceive ourselves and say it doesn’t cause obesity, heart disease, etc. Admitting that there is a problem is the first step!

  4. Sugar is most certainly my husband’s weakness, and mine tend to be salty chips. The way the food industry goads us into our cravings sickens me to no end.

  5. mkslagel says:

    Yes! I have been arguing this for many years. The public is so naive to believe any study that is put out there. Nobody stops to look at who funded the research. It is only when people catch on that they begin to refute the results but until that happens, everybody believes the study because they want to. All candy lovers who don’t take the time to see who produced the study are going to be excited to see these results.

  6. I saw your post through LinkedIn, and I think its a load of crap…except for dark chocolate which really is good for you (in moderation). Did you hear about the study in which tobacco may not be the cause for cancer?

  7. It’s too easy to trick the public into believing everything they read. If it’s in print – or Dr. Google says so, it’s true. That’s why red wine cures everything from hangnails to hearts. Somebody once postured that we’ve forever altered the DNA of lab rats and mice with our science. You need to dig deep for answers these days!

  8. I am a firm believer that moderation is a personal choice. Anyone can say something is good and bad and there is medical facts to back it up. We are humans who need to make our own choices. Some we know are bad for us but does not stop it from happening. I believe each individual needs to take responsibility for their actions.

  9. As the proverb says,”What you really like in life is illegal, immoral or makes you get fat”…:) Moderation, even self-control, awareness about the real dangers hidden in contemporary, industrialized life, all these are the solutions for obesity and other health issues.
    Good post!

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