Enjoy Yourself and yet be Healthy!

I find that I go out to eat quite often.  Unfortunately, going out to eat and eating healthy don’t always agree.  Additionally, while most restaurants offer vegetarian options, very few offer a vegan choice.  But, it is possible to eat healthy and even vegan when going out to dinner (and enjoy a glass of wine too!)

 The following is a guest post written by a fellow blogger, Rebecca Woods who writes for Punch Tavern in the UK 

 How to enjoy yourself and be healthy

In an age where obesity is higher than ever, the pressure to live healthily is on. Magazines, newspaper and TV shows are constantly hounding us to eat better, exercise more and drink less; what fun does that leave us? If you want to be healthy but still enjoy yourself, it is possible:

Choose the right meals

Going out for restaurant meals can be a real highlight of the week, so don’t deprive yourself the joy of socializing over great pub grub. When you decide to take a healthier approach to living it just means you need to pay that little extra attention to the menu; choose a veggie burger or fresh salad over the burger or pie and chips. Make sure you opt for a meal served with plenty of vegetables or add some as extra. You don’t need to skimp on desert either, make indulgent desserts an occasional treat rather than an everyday necessity, or better yet, opt for fruit!

Choosing the right meals also applies whilst at home; stick to a regular meal plan where you are getting 4-5 smaller meals a day, this will stop you craving unhealthy snacks to quell hunger pangs. Part of eating healthily involves enjoying food so that you’ll have a balanced diet with varied nutrition.

Be adventurous with your exercise

Many people groan in despair at the idea of exercise, and yet if you were to do just a 5 minute burst of aerobics you’d feel the instant benefit of that endorphin rush! Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. There are new and exciting ways to keep fit whilst having a laugh. Zumba, a mix of dance and aerobics, is performed to the energizing sounds of samba, salsa, mambo, hip-hop and merengue. Whilst martial arts can be brilliant fun for those who rather swap dance steps for killer moves!

If you’d rather exercise with friends than as part of a gym class, get outdoors and explore nature. Brisk walking is good exercise alone and can be a nice way to see your local sights.

Stop binging, drink Sparingly

Just because you want to live healthily it doesn’t mean you need to give up the booze. A glass of red wine every day is actually said to improve your health. However drink binging is behaviour that could seriously damage your physical and mental well-being. Switch those heavy Saturday nights for one beer or cocktail every couple of evenings. If you like to drink, work alcohol into your everyday life in a natural and healthy way. Enjoy a glass with meals instead of as part of a weekly pub crawl and you’ll soon forget what ‘the morning after’ feels like.

Drinking water regularly is another way to simply enhance your health. Many of us don’t get enough fluid each day to keep us hydrated and this can have an impact on our appetite, mood and energy levels. By drinking around 6-8 glasses of water each day you should feel a dramatic change in how you feel on a day-to-day basis!


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