Push Up Challenge!

Having never met a challenge I didn’t feel compelled to try, I have embarked on the:


I saw this challenge on a fellow blogger’s site,  Wine to Weightlifting — How can you go wrong?

You simply download the I-phone and/or Android app to get started.

The app ask you for the number of good form push-ups you can do.  (In my case 6).  It then gives you a program that you do 3 times a week.  My first go at this was today and my program was:

  • 6 push ups, followed by 1 minute rest
  • 6 push ups, followed by 1 minute rest
  • 4 push ups, 1 min rest
  • 4 push ups, 1 min rest
  • 5 push ups

I did it.  A total of 25 push ups!  I’m 1/4 of the way there!

Come on give it a try!  And you can check into Wine to Weightlifting to win great prizes!  It’s not to late to participate


  1. Thanks for the blog shoutout!! Awesome Day 1!! Keep up the good work and keep checking back on Mondays! 🙂

  2. Jennifer is my favorite and I’m doing this challenge too!! 🙂
    If there is such a thing as bloggy neighbors, I think you and I are it!

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