Top 10 Benefits of Running

We know that running is good for us, but do you know just how good running is?    Not just for our hearts but also for our brains, immune system, muscles, bones, tendons and emotional health!

Check out this infographic showing the Top Ten Benefits Of Running:

running infographic

1. Running improves ones mental health. In addition to providing great aerobic and strength training, studies have shown that running stimulates the mind as well.

2. Other benefits of running include the fact that asthmatics benefit from the practice. Running increases lung capacity, allowing asthma sufferers to breathe easier over time.

3. Running helps to relieve hypertension. The practice increases blood flow. A healthy blood flow can help to reduce blood pressure.

4. Those who run on a regular basis tend to have stronger immune systems. A stronger immune system means less stress and fewer illnesses.

5. Running burns calories very effectively. It can also help to burn fat. Both benefits can lead directly to weight loss.

6. Other benefits of running are that runners tend to be stronger. Simply put, running increases both aerobic and muscular strength.

7. Running can help to increase bone density. The physical act of the practice reacts with bone mass, and thereby increases the production of healthier bone cells.

8. Speaking of being stronger, running also increase the strength of the joints and tendons. Stronger joints and tendons mean less risk of injury, better posture, and more ease of movement.

9. Regular physical activity can do wonders for the self-esteem. Running increases ones confidence and can lead to a sense of better self-control.

10. A final benefit of running is that it helps to keep blood sugar levels in check. This is good news for diabetics, and others, who have concerns about maintaining a healthy blood sugar balance.

Wow, 10 good reasons to get running.  I’m going to post this so I can look at it when I need motivation!

Infographic provided by Justin from NordicTrack


  1. I only wish I could. A serious skiing injury has keep me form it (per the doctor). But I do walk at a very fast clip

    • Susan, from what I’ve read brisk walking has the same benefits, it’s just that most people who walk, actually “stroll” and that doesn’t do it!
      Keep up the good work!

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