Beware of these “Beauty” Trends

I came across a post of some of the alarming beauty trends in 2012 and I wanted to share them. These trends are truly disturbing and include:

  • The potential risks of antibacterial soap, linking the chemical used in these soaps — triclosan, to heart disease and heart failure!
  • Fish pedicures where small toothless fish nibble away at dead skin could lead to serious infections — ya think?
  • Avon, Estee Lauder and Mary Kay began testing their cosmetics on animals in order to sell in China. They previously were the largest mainstream cosmetic companies who didn’t test on animals. I guess increased profit trumped animal cruelty
  • The chemicals used in spray tans might actually be worse than the sun’s UV rays as they can cause genetic mutation and DNA damage, and the zinc oxide used in many sunscreens may make us more susceptible to cancer!



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