Summing up 2012’s Resolutions

It is December 18, only 2 weeks before the end of the year, time to check in on those New Year’s Resolutions from January.

This year I made a point to write specific resolutions and to check in on them regularly, and I’m very happy to report that I’ve stayed on track and achieved most all of my resolutions!

  • Live in the present moment; don’t worry about the past or dwell on the future
  • Have a positive outlook

These first two resolutions are similar and they are works in progress.  However, I believe I am further along in my journey to live in the present moment and have a positive attitude (most of the time).

  • Get another annual client for my business
  • Send at least 2 e-newsletters this year
  • Write at least 2 blog post on my business blog each month

Well I started out the year with resolutions to grow my business, Saving Grace Media Services, but ended up the year picking up new projects, and  losing a small client (the business was sold), but my business income was slightly higher than my projection for the year, and even better than that, my business led me to a lucrative new position.

  • Write weekly posts on this blog, settle on a “look” set up pages: nutrition, exercise, self help

DONE although I never figured out to get pages with tabs, I was able to set up relavant categories and that works!

  • Exercise: yoga 2x/wk, weights 2x/wk, run 1-3x/wk in season

 I’m not sure I actually ever achieved this much exercise on a weekly basis, but I kept up with my exercise and mix in yoga, weights and running.

  •  Run Seacoast Race Series — improve times over 2011

I changed this resolution, and rather than run the Race Series, I concentrated on training for and running the Seacoast Half Marathon.  (It was difficult to do both as the last 2 races of the Series conflict with the half marathon training).  And yes, I did improve my half marathon time by almost 3 minutes over last year.

  • Lose 5 lbs

DONE – I switched to a vegan diet for a lot of reasons and I Lost 10 Pounds!

  • Take vitamins daily

I managed to take my many supplements almost every day, certainly 5 times a week

  • Drink more tea, less coffee (1 cup/day) — DONE!
  •  Deepen 1-2 friendships
  • Make 1 new friend

I believe that I did deepen a few friendships this year.  I certainly deepened at least one new friendship and connected with an old friend this year.  I also made some new friends through my new work connections.

I love this resolution.  I definitely sent over 52 cards/letters this week (not even counting the Christmas cards), but not necessarily one each week.  For the most part I did send one a week, but at times I skipped a few weeks and then sent 3-4 all in one week!  All in all, I’d say this resolution was achieved!

  • Get together with girl friends at least once a month —

DONE!  Another fun resolution that I am carrying over into 2013

  • Monthly, visit Taylor and Kelsey and/or my Dad — DONE!
  • Go skiing

Only went once, but I went to Steamboat and it was a great trip!

  • Listen to more current music (less Classic Rock!) – WHY?
  • Watch less TV, use down time more productively

DONE!  I spent more of my time on this blog and reading.

WOW, I’m impressed.  Now to start thinking of 2013 Resolutions…Stay tuned!


  1. bewellbeactive says:

    I was just thinking about writting out my goals for next year this morning! Great post.

  2. I have never formally (as in written down) written out goals for the year. Maybe its my need to play it by ear most of the time. But in my OCD modes it would probably be a good idea to have a written idea I can refer back to.

  3. Glad to her your professional goals are going better than expected! This is always a self enforcing endeavor with a positive feedback loop. More so than other endeavors I think a healthy professional life has many many impacts on the rest of your goals, aspirations and focus.
    Always tricky to balance pleasure, family and professional.

  4. Wow, awesome job! You had the right idea writing down more specific resolutions than what many think of. I need to work on living in the moment and being present more, as well as watching less TV and doing something more productive- I think I want to make a reading list for 2013! And way to go on the exercise and 10 pounds thats great!

  5. That is quite an impressive list of accomplishments. I look forward to seeing your list for 2013. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. WOW, you rock girl. any time we write our goals/resolutions down and then share it help to keep us accountable. I applaud you on what you’ve accomplished and so look forward to your future goals and success.

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