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Summing up 2012’s Resolutions

It is December 18, only 2 weeks before the end of the year, time to check in on those New Year’s Resolutions from January.

This year I made a point to write specific resolutions and to check in on them regularly, and I’m very happy to report that I’ve stayed on track and achieved most all of my resolutions!

  • Live in the present moment; don’t worry about the past or dwell on the future
  • Have a positive outlook

These first two resolutions are similar and they are works in progress.  However, I believe I am further along in my journey to live in the present moment and have a positive attitude (most of the time).

  • Get another annual client for my business
  • Send at least 2 e-newsletters this year
  • Write at least 2 blog post on my business blog each month

Well I started out the year with resolutions to grow my business, Saving Grace Media Services, but ended up the year picking up new projects, and  losing a small client (the business was sold), but my business income was slightly higher than my projection for the year, and even better than that, my business led me to a lucrative new position.

  • Write weekly posts on this blog, settle on a “look” set up pages: nutrition, exercise, self help

DONE although I never figured out to get pages with tabs, I was able to set up relavant categories and that works!

  • Exercise: yoga 2x/wk, weights 2x/wk, run 1-3x/wk in season

 I’m not sure I actually ever achieved this much exercise on a weekly basis, but I kept up with my exercise and mix in yoga, weights and running.

  •  Run Seacoast Race Series — improve times over 2011

I changed this resolution, and rather than run the Race Series, I concentrated on training for and running the Seacoast Half Marathon.  (It was difficult to do both as the last 2 races of the Series conflict with the half marathon training).  And yes, I did improve my half marathon time by almost 3 minutes over last year.

  • Lose 5 lbs

DONE – I switched to a vegan diet for a lot of reasons and I Lost 10 Pounds!

  • Take vitamins daily

I managed to take my many supplements almost every day, certainly 5 times a week

  • Drink more tea, less coffee (1 cup/day) — DONE!
  •  Deepen 1-2 friendships
  • Make 1 new friend

I believe that I did deepen a few friendships this year.  I certainly deepened at least one new friendship and connected with an old friend this year.  I also made some new friends through my new work connections.

I love this resolution.  I definitely sent over 52 cards/letters this week (not even counting the Christmas cards), but not necessarily one each week.  For the most part I did send one a week, but at times I skipped a few weeks and then sent 3-4 all in one week!  All in all, I’d say this resolution was achieved!

  • Get together with girl friends at least once a month —

DONE!  Another fun resolution that I am carrying over into 2013

  • Monthly, visit Taylor and Kelsey and/or my Dad — DONE!
  • Go skiing

Only went once, but I went to Steamboat and it was a great trip!

  • Listen to more current music (less Classic Rock!) – WHY?
  • Watch less TV, use down time more productively

DONE!  I spent more of my time on this blog and reading.

WOW, I’m impressed.  Now to start thinking of 2013 Resolutions…Stay tuned!