12-12-12: My Year in 12 Pictures

I wanted to do an end of the year post chronicling my year in photos, and then I came upon this challenge from a fellow blogger at Three31 to write a blog based on the number 12 in celebration for this final repeat month/day/year day in our lifetimes (the next one won’t come until January 1, 2111!  And so here goes.

12 Photos that showcased 2012, compiled on 12/12/12


097 The year started off with a ski trip with my daughter to Steamboat, Colorado.  It was a great trip.  We enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, gourmet lunches on the mountain, vegan entrees at a Mexican restaurant, shopping in town and of course the Hot Springs


Typically an ironically long, cold and in-between month, I didn’t do a whole lot heatin February.  I did however participate in a Yoga Mala for the benefit of (H)EAT a local charity providing heating assistance to local families.


brenda, diane, grace 3.23.12My birthday month!  This year I had the chance to go to my old town in Virginia and visited with some great friends.  As you can see, a good time was had by all!


Ah Spring is in the air…I kicked off my race season with a Memorial Run for a chief maloney runlocal Police chief, Michael Maloney.  Even though I had a horrific cold, I felt strong and had fun during the 5.6 mile charity run.


DSCN0868With the nice weather came a flurry of activity; visiting family, boat trips, seeing George and Barbara Bush at the Memorial Day Parade in Kennebunkport, but the photo I want to share is of the perennial garden I had put in.  (Notice I didn’t say that I put in!)  A lot of work was involved in digging up the grass and planting a lot of perennials.  I always wanted to do this and knew I wouldn’t get around to it, so I had a local gardener who is a friend of a friend do the work.  The garden bloomed beautifully all summer and fall and I know it will give me years of beauty and enjoyment!


In June we had an impromptu “cousins’ dinner”.  It was great to get together with  DSCN0907so many of my cousins.  As there wasn’t a single picture with everyone in it, I had to post two pictures for this DSCN0906one.  And even with that, some people are missing from the photos!


DSCN0990Summer finally arrives in NH and boating season is in full swing.  This year a trip up to Boothbay Harbor and Monhegan Island got the summer off to a great start.  Monhegan is a small, rocky Island ten miles from the mainland and barely a square mile in area. It is accessible only by boat and there are no cars or paved roads on the Island.  Its roots as an artist colony date back to the mid 1800’s.  Most notably it was home to Jamie, Andrew and N.C. Wyeth.  Currently only about 75 people live on Monhegan island.


In August I met my future daughter-in-law’s mother and grandmother.  What August wonderful people!  We had a great visit.  Enjoyed a few dinners together and even spent an evening at a wine bar.  You really can’t beat bonding over a few glasses of nice red wine.


The highlight of September, actually of the year, was my son’s wedding!  It was a IMG_9738beautiful wedding set in a lovely spot in Lewisburg, WV.  A lot of family as well as two of my very close friends from childhood came.  Since none of us were local, we spent a nice long weekend in Lewisburg and took in the sites.  We had a wonderful brunch at The Greenbrier and enjoyed shopping (and eating) in the picturesque town of Lewisburg.  The wedding itself was wonderful, with lots of dancing!


DSCN1106In October, my 35th High School reunion rolled around.  It was fun.  I went with my high school friend.  We had a great time.  Unfortunately our core group of friends from high school didn’t go so we didn’t see a lot of old friends, but we talked to all sorts of people that we vaguely knew from 35 years ago!  As you can tell from this picture, there was some drinking involved!


On November 11, I ran in my second Seacoast Half Marathon!  Yeah me!!  Not Seacoast Half Marathon 2only that, but I improved my time from last year by almost 3 minutes,  I felt good during the race, and even felt good when I finished (unlike last year when I had knee  pain during the race and felt atrocious after the race!)


DSCN1137So far, besides working, December has been spent decorating, shopping and wrapping.  I really enjoy the holiday season and all the hubbub it brings!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and/or Happy Kwanzaa!


  1. Looking at your year in pictures, that’s a great way to bring back the memories of the year. I would think it also gives you something to look forward to in the next year coming.

  2. What a great diary of pics and events. Your year must have been very fulfilling. My question is…how will you top it in ’13?:)

    • It’s funny I didn’t think I had done that much this year, but as I looked back through my pictures I realized that I had! I will make sure to take lots of pictures in 2013!

  3. I love this! Doing a recap of the year in photos. I might have to borrow that concept in the future. 🙂

  4. Marney Roemmelt says:

    Beautifully done!

  5. I absolutely love this idea. What a wonderful was to showcase your year. 🙂

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful year. Your kid’s wedding and a half-marathon. Double congrats. That’s sweet.

  7. I have to agree with Cheryl that this post is a great idea indeed!

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