Hurricane Sandy and Half Marathon Training

Well Hurricane  Sandy has come and gone.  The 1,000 mile storm impacted the entire East Coast and my friends and loved ones in New Jersey and New York were hit hard.  Hopefully they will get their power back soon and not have too many dark, quiet nights.  Where I am in New Hampshire, we had heavy winds and rain, but my property wasn’t affected much.  I have one old tree that lost a large branch, but it fell in the yard and luckily didn’t hit anything.  And while a lot of the state is still without power, I am very grateful that my power is still on.

We managed to get our training run in on Saturday long before the storm.  13.1 miles!  We ran the half marathon course as a practice run.  Boy, it is long!  After that, I spent Sunday and Monday waiting for the big storm and watching the TV coverage.  I did manage to do some stretching to try to ease my tired muscles!

Today I plan on getting in an easy run (to view the storm damage around town) and do some serious stretching.  The half marathon is in a week and a half.  My plan for the next week and a half is to get in easy runs every other day, an 8-9 mile run over the weekend,  and hopefully get back to yoga on the off days.


  1. Hope, you will be careful out there. Wishing you great running day.

  2. I am so glad you’re safe and that you had little to no damage. Others I know were not so lucky 🙁 Have a good run and be safe out there.

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