Racing through Newington, NH

A great race yesterday, the Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler in Newington, NH.  The course was nice, starting off in the old historic village, running a bit through the Newington Town Forest (the oldest town forest in the US), down toward Great Bay and then back toward the town.

As you can imagine, whenever there is a “down toward the bay” there are some hills as you climb out!  While the course started off flat and then downhill toward the Bay, from mile 3-5 we had a steady climb from 21 ft to 110 ft as we moved back toward the town, with an uphill finish!

But I was very pleased with my race.  Knowing the course and knowing that I’d lose time on the hills, I went out faster than usual, I relaxed a bit on the third mile to recover and get ready for the hills, and then I did my best to the finish.  I ended up in 42:21, virtually tied to my time from last year 42:20.  The exciting part is that I achieved my goal of top ten in my age group, finishing 6th out of 61 in my category!

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