A run through Boothbay Harbor


I recently read the importance of posting in a timely manner so I’m writing this minutes after I returned from my run, before I even shower (I did take a minute to stretch)!

In the past when I went on vacation or even away for the weekend, I’d take my running clothes. And typically I’d bring them home just as clean and fresh as the day they were packed! Things always prevented me from running; things like a cocktail at lunch or concern over not really knowing where I’d run to.

I’ve since discovered a great website: mapmyrun,com.that lets me literally map out a run. (And if I keep it simple I can remember it as I go.). This week I’ve had two great runs through Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Today I ran south along the east side of the bay from Brown’s Wharf Inn to Spruce Point As i ran be the Spruce Point Inn I even stopped in to make reservations for dinner!

After running through the beautiful grounds I headed back into town on the west side of the bay. Even though it was a hot July day, I had a wonderful breeze along the water and beautiful sights to keep me goingInsertedImage.jpg



  1. I had discover this app just recently and have used for my walks while in France. It’s great isn’t it? It also take the excuses away too. 😀

  2. I hear Maine is beautiful in summer. You’re so lucky to be able to run there amongst the beautiful scenery 🙂

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