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Ever found a hair in your sandwich?

Oddly the more I learn the fewer items I eat, and the more I move closer to a raw diet. I’m not complaining but after watching the movie “Food Inc.” and hearing all that Michael Pollan had to say no one can blame me. I’m going to suggest that you do the research yourself, because when it comes to a lifestyle of fitness and well-being that’s part of the journey. Some pages in life you simply must turn for yourself.

Talking about freaky food facts though, did you know that fruit flavored snacks are made with the same wax found in car wax? Or, have you ever found a hair in your bagel? It might belong to a rodent, and according to Health Canada, that may not be a food safety infraction!!  What about jellybeans?? Did you know that their shiny coating was made from bug feces? Don’t believe us?

Well you don’t have to take our word for it, just check out the link attached and see for yourself! You’ll thank us later!!

Please be sure to check back with us on Friday we have a motivational true story for you from Brian Schwartz. He’s lost 165lbs to date, and he’s still going! You don’t want to miss this!

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